why professional photographers should start an email list
One of my best pieces of advice for new business owners of any kind and especially photographers?

Start an email list STAT.

I started mine about 3 years into my business and I wish I would have started it even sooner. It's one of the single most powerful things I've done, alongside blogging, to grow my business.

If you need more convincing, here are 7 reasons you need to start an email list now:

1 -- It's the first step of a long-term marketing strategy
Every photographer I coach is looking for marketing ideas for how to book more weddings TODAY. But the best marketing strategies focus on long-term results. You can spend your time trying to attract individual clients one at a time, or you can build a SYSTEM that will grow your business and increase your leads exponentially over time. An email list is the first step of the very BEST long-term marketing strategy.

2 -- It's the only list of followers you truly "own"
We work so hard to build our following on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, but we have no control or ownership over what we build on these platforms. It could all vanish in an instant. And the trend is moving in the direction of pay to play -- if you want your content to be seen by your very own followers on these platforms, you need to pay money in order for that to happen. In contrast, your email list is yours. You control it and get to keep it.

3 -- It's a direct line of communication
Do you want to get your blog content in front of more people who WANT to see it? An email list is your best way to do just that! Click here to read a blog post all about how I drive more traffic to my blog using a simple, easy-to-create monthly newsletter. It's an easy first step to building a tribe through email... and talk about instant results! Every month when I push "send" on my email newsletter, I can count on receiving 5-10 email inquiries about my products and services from people on my list who have been reminded that I exist and am here to serve them.

4 -- It means never having to start from scratch again
You don't know what the future holds. You don't know how you will pivot or what types of products or services you might offer in the future. TRUST ME. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would have started two new business, an associate program, and be speaking to and coaching photographers worldwide, I would have been shocked. If you start an email list NOW, you will have people to share new products and offering with whenever you start something new. When I started Align Album Design 5 years ago, I didn't have to struggle to get the word out. I just emailed my list and introduced them to a new service that would solve one of their biggest pain points. It was the most amazing instant kick-start we needed to get off the ground.

5 -- It's a source of ready and willing feedback
Your email list will quickly become your best resource for instant feedback. Your tribe will likely feel honored if you ask them for their thoughts. So occasionally over the years I've sent out surveys to gather insight into my audience and their needs. Who are they? What do they want to read on my blog? What are their biggest pain points? I've used this wisdom to guide my decision making and next steps time and time again.

6 -- It provides easy access to your most qualified buyers
The people who want to hear from you in their inbox -- a place much more sacred than their social media feeds -- are your most engaged followers. They trust you and are pre-qualified and ready to buy if you offer enough value.

7 -- It has the potential to become your best asset
If you start early enough, your email list will grow over time, providing wider brand awareness and income-generating power. Your list has the potential to become your business's greatest asset.

Are you convinced?

If so, the first step is to choose which email marketing software you want to use. There are lots of great ones out there, but I use Infusionsoft. It's mind-glowingly powerful and I could do another whole blog post about why -- and I may do that at some point -- but for now, click here to sign up for a demo! Don't waste any time -- get started building your email list today!

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7 reasons every business owner -- especially photographers -- should start an email list STAT!
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