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How many of you photographers out there LOVE the work of shooting (let's hope so!) but tend to avoid the work of blogging like it’s the plague? Truth be told, shooting and blogging are two entirely different things yet both are essential for successful photography careers in this age of online marketing. I’ve been blogging now for over 10 years and can safely say I’ve learned a thing ...or five in the process! Consistent blogging can have a huge impact on your photography business but it can be difficult to know how to use it to it’s full potential. One piece of the blogging puzzle is learning how to showcase your work in a visually stunning way in effort to entice your readers to return again and again. Featuring your work intentionally and artistically can help you earn the respect and confidence of potential clients! So how is this best accomplished? Creating a beautiful blog post isn’t something that begins the moment you sit down at your computer to write out the story of the event. Rather, a great post originates at the very beginning. It starts at your shoot! Today I am going to share with you 5 tips for shooting with your blog in mind in order to best capture and convey the story.

1 -- Be mindful of shooting horizontal AND vertical.
Make sure to take vertical images alongside horizontals. This may seem obvious, but for some reason it's difficult for me! Most photographers tend to shoot primarily one or the other. For me, I'm primarily a vertical shooter. But for blogging purposes, you will want to have BOTH in order to help it flow and be visually appealing. When you have a variety of both, the images act as magical puzzle pieces that fit together with ease, allowing the post to be visually fluid and appealing. But nothing is more boring than one horizontal image after the next. A post like that feels monotonous and stale.

One thing I love to do is to take a lot of vertical detail shots. Vertical photos are ideal for pairing side by side and including detail images in these pairings can really inform the story and bring it to life.
Flagstaff winter scene at photo shoot
pink winter jacket with plaid scarf
building a snowman
2 -- Take scene-setting shots.
Just like in a movie, setting the scene during a shoot is an essential step on par with introducing the main characters. Your blog post is no different. In order to best tell the whole story, it is important to capture some images of the surrounding environment. Think of the setting as another character in the story and take stand-alone photos of it to show off throughout the post. This helps with the big picture and allows readers to imagine themselves placed within the story. I find it also helps to visually break up the repetitive nature of portrait after portrait and give the eye a place of rest within the story.
Westin Punta Cana Dominican Republic
bride and white orchids
gold foil printed wedding invitation and wedding rings
Westin Punta Cana clubhouse
3 -- Come in close.
While it is important to pull back to portray the overall setting of the event, the setting is not what adds dimension to the storytelling of a blogpost. Taking some super-tight detail shots of your subjects creates a sense of intimacy for the readers. A combination of full length portraits paired with those more intimate moments helps create variety to your storytelling experience and gives the reader a closer perspective of the event and the people within it. Whenever I am photographing a couple in a specific pose, I like to take the typical full length and upper-body compositions and then try to come in even tighter to show off a detail of how they are holding hands, or to highlight a piece of clothing or accessory. Anything that is unique or will add flavor to the other images is worth highlighting up close. Note in the example below that I took the first photo on the left in the same location and with the same pose as the last image in the sequence. I just changed up MY positioning to create variety.
Point Dume Malibu engagement photo shoot
Point Dume Malibu engagement session
Point Dume Malibu
Malibu engagement session
4 -- Show off the venue.
Whenever possible take super-wide portraits with the couple that will show off the venue or landscape. You can use these for adding to the storytelling component of your blog post as well as sharing these images with the venue for them to promote their space (and simultaneously -- you!) The image on the left below is a good example of this. Every venue is different so showing up early to scout and find the best spot to really show it off is super-helpful!
4 Seasons Scottsdale desert wedding
bride and groom desert wedding
5 -- Try something new.
For each shoot, plan ahead and make a goal to try 1-2 new poses that you aren't accustomed to using. Have these poses in mind before you even head out to shoot so you can be sure to add them into the mix! In this way you can add variety to your portfolio over time. Well rounded visual photo stories tend to be light on repetition and monotony, so shake things up a bit and step outside your comfort zone when shooting!
Nantucket Island
wedding photo shoot at Nantucket Island
bride and groom Nantucket Island
seagulls Nantucket Island
Nantucket Island wedding photo shoot
When you approach your sessions with your blog in mind, it can inspire you to be even more diligent in paying close attention to detail. It helps encourage a high level of awareness to the story unfolding at each unique session/event and it offers you the opportunity to be a fantastic storyteller on your blog! Shooting and blogging require a different set of skills, perhaps…but they are dependent on one another in today’s photography world! I encourage you to embrace the connection in order to showcase your beautiful work consistently and strategically! You might be amazed at how shooting with your blog in mind may help to grow both your portfolio and your business!

If you'd like to see some examples of full blog posts from different types of shoots where I implement all of the above strategies, click below. I love how these specific stories came together! As you look through these examples, be mindful of how your eye travels through the post. The best posts lead the eye back and forth and toward the next image or set of images. Whenever you pair side-by-side vertical images, one image should be the clear focal point rather than each fighting for attention.

Flagstaff Portraits in the Snow
Baby Waylon -- Newborn Lifestyle Photos
Destination Wedding in Punta Cana Dominican Republic
Malibu Engagement Shoot at Point Dume
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5 tips on how to shoot with your photography blog in mind
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