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Photographers – Have you recently received an inquiry from a bride or groom who found you on Pinterest?

I used to think of Pinterest as just a place for me to pin pretty things in my down time. But in the recent years I’ve started developing a more strategic approach to Pinterest for my brand. And it’s paid off. I regularly get inquiries from prospects who have found me on Pinterest. In fact, Layla & Joe's Flagstaff engagement shoot that I shared on Monday was a result of my Pinterest efforts.

Few photographers I know have a strong Pinterest strategy. We create pretty photos and hope people pin them. That’s the extent of it. But when we do that, we leave so much on the table.

One of my brides-turned-friends, Alexandra Evjen, is a talented stylist, blogger, and Pinterest expert. She has close to 1,000,000 followers on Pinterest and nearly everything I’ve learned about using this channel for my business has been gleaned from her.
Pinterest expert Alexandra Evjen
Alex is rocking it on Pinterest! You can follow her here and me here!
Alexandra Evjen's Pinterest profile
I recently had the opportunity to interview Alex and ask her 5 burning questions I have (that I’m guessing are shared by a lot of photographers out there):

1. How can I leverage Pinterest for my business?
2. Do brides really find their photographers on Pinterest? Is it worth my time compared to other social media channels (since I can’t do it all)?
3. What type of content should I pin? How much of my own work? Should I pin other photographer’s work? If yes, isn’t that promoting the competition?
4. What time of day should I pin and how much?
5. Where can I find fresh, good content if my home feed is not doing it for me?

Melissa Jill interviews Pinterest expert Alexandra Evjen
Alex has made this interview, along with two others with questions from a designer and blogger's point of view, available for free here. Definitely check them out!

These free videos are SO helpful, but honestly, they're just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning how to utilize Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and generate leads. If you want to learn more and really develop an intentional and lucrative Pinterest strategy, check out Alex’s online Pinterest classes and Facebook group here. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Alex knows her stuff and is such an amazing resource. Like I mentioned, nearly everything I’ve learned to help me generate clients from Pinterest, I learned from her.

Alex’s online Pinterest classes cover four topics:
How to Craft the Perfect Pin
How to Grow Your Pinterest Following
How to Create a Strong Profile for your Business on Pinterest
How to Drive Traffic to your Website on Pinterest

And the amazing thing is that if you purchase one or all of these (you save $64 when you purchase all four!!) you get private access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get additional Pinterest-related support. I love this kind of thing because it ensures that you will get a great value for your investment!

Click here to access Alex's online Pinterest courses and start generating leads and growing your business using this powerful tool today!
how to harness the power of Pinterest for your business -- tips from an expert
Photos in this post courtesy of Rennai Hoefer.

How to harness the power of Pinterest for your business -- tips from an expert with nearly 1,000,000 Pinterest followers
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