Back in July, Maile Wilson -- Texas portrait photographer extraordinaire and designer of Epiphane camera bags -- was in town to photograph Promise Tangeman for the look book of Maile's brand new Epiphane website set to launch this Fall. Since I'm friends with both of these cute girls, Maile invited me to come along and "shoot the shoot." I was thrilled!

I haven't shared these photos until now because I was waiting for Maile to launch the site but now that it's up and running I thought I'd share some of the fun photos I got AND encourage you to pop over to the new site - designed by Promise - to check out the brilliance. I LOVE how it turned out!!

The location of the shoot was some random place off the 60 in East Mesa. We didn't even plan for it - we just saw this cool field and loved the light so we pulled over! While shooting in the field a coyote trotted over to see what we were up to:
This was the cute crew involved in the shoot - L to R - Maile, Kim (hairstylist), Promise, Alex (stylist):
I don't know where the sunglasses came from but we had some fun with them.
Kim is a hoot. Here she is fixing up Promise and showing off her handy hairbrush storage:
Promise did some quick changes alongside the road just hiding behind the truck:
It had recently rained and I loved the puddles and light we had to work with:
Here are some shots of Maile in action:
And one more fun grab I got of Kim:
It was so fun to tag along and document the shoot. Check out some of Maile's photos and the amazing website Promise designed here! I'm SO proud of everything they have both accomplished!
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