Sorry for the lapse in blog posts. I was hit with a head cold late last week and have also been working hard to prepare for The MJ 2 Day that starts this Sunday! I'm so excited to meet all 12 attendees from across the country and even two who are flying in from Canada. Usually a head cold isn't enough to slow me down much, but I know how much energy I'm going to need for the workshop, so my top priority has been getting well in time for that.

But I have been shooting quite a bit lately. Last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot a surprise 50th anniversary party for a super-sweet couple. In the past, I've featured one of my favorite florists, Jeanne Birmingham of White Poppy Floral on my blog. I've also shot portraits of Jeanne, her husband Matt and her son Max. Well, Jeanne's in-laws recently celebrated 50 years of marriage and I was thrilled to be able to capture the joy of their celebration.
Any couple who stays together for 50 years has huge respect from me and Carol and Bernie obviously have a lot of love and blessings to show for those 50 years. Their 5 children and 10 grandchildren came together to put this shin-dig together and I could tell instantly that they were a close-knit group. It's such a blessing to be able to get a glimpse into a family with so much love for one another. My heart was just overflowing.

There were some special mementos displayed at the event including Carol's wedding dress that her family found, cleaned and displayed:
Some of their wedding photos were on display and I was impressed with the quality of photography for 50 years ago. They had a good photographer!
The family created a sign and waited expectantly for the guests of honor to arrive:
Carol's reaction was priceless:
Bernie was all smiles as his son Matt pinned on his boutonniere:
And I just got to capture all the love:
We also took the opportunity to get some family portraits. Carol said that the only thing she wanted for her anniversary was a family photo. Well, here it is!
Can you believe how cute they are!?
Finally, this is Carol's reaction when she saw her wedding dress:
What an amazingly heart-warming event. I am so honored to have been able to witness and document it.

Yay Carol & Bernie! Thanks for being such an awesome example of true commitment and the good that can come from a long-lasting marriage!!!
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