Every part of this journey toward marriage has been surreal for me.

I've never had a shower. I've been to a lot of showers. But never imagined myself as the one being showered. Being surrounded by some of my favorite people all in the same place is one of my favorite things ever. So this day was definitely up there in the top 5 of my year so far.

I felt SO loved. And so grateful. I'm really good at picking friends, ya'll. I only pick the good ones. And these ladies are some of the best.

I have so many people to thank for making this day incredible and beyond my wildest dreams:

My sister and maid of honor, Natalie, headed up the planning. She sent out invitations, made food, picked up Bosa Donuts (my favorite!) for a donut-shaped cake. She filmed Bruce answering questions about me for a super-fun game that had the whole room laughing and alternately tearing up. I'm so thankful for her and to have her by my side on my wedding day here in just a few weeks.

My friend and bridesmaid Julie who has been in my life for over 20 years now. She has 6 kids, runs marathons, and is a elementary school teacher, so our lives look very different, but we've walked through so many seasons and highs and lows together -- always supporting and loving each other through it all. Julie made the best egg salad sandwiches and my favorite chocolate chip cookies along with many other yummy things I put in my mouth.

My friends Amy and Jordan. Amy is another one of my bridesmaids and her and Jordan graciously volunteered to host my shower at their BEAUTIFUL home. Everyone kept commenting on how it looked like it belongs in a magazine. And it does. Regardless of the fact that they had a 2 month old, they took on not only hosting my shower, but also helping to decorate it AND photograph it! All of the images in this blog post are Amy's. I felt so spoiled being able to just show up and enjoy something that was so beautifully planned AND not have to pick up a camera once. It was all documented so perfectly so I can always remember it.

My friend Sarah who also happens to be one of the most talented professional florists I know. She generously donated her amazing skills and floral to make my shower a dream. And she is also doing the floral for my wedding! How lucky am I??? I was seriously blown away.

My dear friends Emily and Rachael also chipped in by bringing some food. And everything was SOO delicious!

Now that I'm done giving what has seemingly turned into a reward acceptance speech, without further ado -- here are some photos from this super-fun day!

Julie's yummy sandwiches and cookies and Sarah sprucing up the display with her greenery and florals:
Amy and Jordan printed and framed a bunch of photos of me and Bruce that were on display throughout their house. They joked that as they were putting them out, they felt like the place suddenly turned into a shrine to us -- haha! These photos definitely added such a sweet, personal touch.
These three are all sweet mommas who had given birth in the past two months -- all to baby boys! It was just such a blessing to have them all here -- including Alexis -- one of my former brides-turned-friend!
This is Julie! LOVE HER!!
At one point during the shower, I just called out, "Sarah!" I have at least half a dozen friends named Sarah and four of them were in attendance, so we had to get a "Sarah" photo:
My mom and dad blessed us with the best, prettiest luggage ever!
Thank you so much Amy for these photos I will cherish forever and for opening your beautiful home all while having your hands completely full being a new mom!
Jordan was the lone man in the house. Other than sweet little Beckett who slept the whole time!
Wow! I am just so, so blessed. Thank you to everyone who showered me and made me feel so loved!
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