Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Highlight of the week: Sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the highlights, right? This week for me, it was a weekday lunch outdoors in perfect weather with close friends. We shared deviled eggs, a yummy salad, the best burger, chicken + waffles, and topped it off with a chocolate chip cookie. Don't judge.

Yes, I did this:
1 -- WAY over-salted some eggs due to pure laziness (I used the large salt container rather than refilling the shaker). And then due to that same laziness, I just ate them anyway rather than fixing something else.
2 -- Ugly cried at the news that an Instagram friend's 14-year-old pug had passed away. Never even met the dog or the person, but that just goes to show how much intimacy can be created through social media. Plus whenever a dog dies it triggers my worst fear and I fast-forward in time to when Dixie dies and I instantly morph into a puddle of goo.
3 -- Spent WAY too much time trying to hang a ceiling fan. It's funny (and maddening) how tasks that seem so simple at first can sometimes become way bigger than you imagined. In this case, my dad and I removed an old ceiling fan (in my 1953 build house) to find no electrical junction box and no way to secure the new fan to the ceiling without ripping up the drywall and installing a new one. UGH. Suffice it to say I still have an 8-foot-ladder and ceiling fan pieces strewn across my guest room floor.

Celebrating: As you all know, it was Valentine's Day Sunday. Sometimes that holiday can be tough for me since I'm single, but I've really been blessed with what can only be described and pure peace and contentment from God in my singleness of late. I offered to watch my sister's kids while she and my brother-in-law went on a date and celebrated with fun socks and puppy snuggles. Which are seriously the best.

Can we take a second to discuss The Bachelor? Anyone else out there get way too into it and write down the top 10 girls and which order you think they'll go in? Even though I knew Ben didn't have a strong connection with Becca, I was so sad to see her go this week because she is my favorite. She just seems like a really quality girl with some depth to her. And SO pretty! She reminds me of Carrie Underwood. But Ben has some solid girls left. He's done a pretty good job weeding out the crazies. My top 4 predictions in order are 1 -- JoJo, 2 -- Lauren, 3 -- Amanda, 4 -- Cailah. So I'm thinking it comes down to JoJo & Lauren and he picks JoJo. Predictions are welcome in the comments but no spoilers!

Feeling Blessed: Yesterday I did my 90-minute coaching session that was auctioned off through the Thirst Relief Auction with a photographer out of Northern Ireland. He is killing it shooting 50 weddings per year, starting an associate program, and also has a second business running the European version of CreativeLive. Besides being blessed by his accent, I felt fortunate to be able to connect with a photographer halfway around the globe that I have so much in common with and could just talk to for hours. We truly work in an amazing industry!
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