Frivolous: playful, lighthearted, trivial; the little things in life that should be savored.

Highlight of the week: This week has been one of those packed-full-of-good-things kind of weeks that leaves you so exhausted and reeling to process it all. On Sunday I took the day to rest at home. I don't often do this, but I watched church online and stayed in my PJs most of the day. Looking back on this week, I'm so thankful I did. It was one of the few moments of margin in a very full week.

Yes, I did this:
1 -- Had a play date with film and pretty flowers.
2 -- Got in FRONT of the camera for updated head shots.
3 -- Watched a YouTube video in order to figure out how to assemble a soft box.

Celebrating: It was fun to see an editorial I worked on featured in a 5-page spread in Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine! Seeing your work in print never gets old!

Not only did I get in front of a camera for updated head shots this week, I also spent an extended amount of time in front of a camera filming for a fun project I'm working on. And now I realize why I've opted to spend the majority of my life BEHIND the camera. I'm so exhausted! haha!

Feeling Blessed: One of my very favorite things about being an entrepreneur is the sheer variety of tasks I get to do. This week work included not only emails and office work, but lunch out, playing with flowers, photographing a friend's newborn, getting my hair done, going to a cocktail party, strategizing with friends, and making dreams a reality one baby step at a time.
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