Sweet moment of groom kissing bride on cheek. Outdoor modern wedding.
Blake and Dominique met near the end of their freshman year at the University of Arizona. The next fall the two Wildcats started dating, and their incredibly sweet love story began. While their peers went through the relationship roller coaster that often characterizes college, Blake and Dominique stayed happily together … the picture of college sweethearts. During study dates in the library, Blake would sometimes lose track of the subject he was supposed to be studying … Dominique was much more interesting.

College is long past, but some things never change. Blake and Dominique's love and joy in each other is one of those things. After more than ten years together, these college sweethearts finally tied the knot, and I was there to capture their day! What an honor! Thank you Blake & Dominique, for allowing me to be part of your beautiful, elegant and one-of-a-kind wedding!
Cream satin wedding invitation. Elegant bow arrangement.
Hanging layered wedding dress from window seal.
Bride getting her hair curled by stylist on wedding day preparation.
Balcony shot of bride getting her makeup done.
Beautiful strapless wedding gown captured on bride holding dress with curled, luscious locks.
White orchids bouquet arrangements for outdoor wedding.
Bride and groom's ring lay flat on wedding invitation.
Black and white portrait of bride in preparation.
Elegant gold and orchid flower wedding invitation.
Strappy, silver bridal heels.
Silhouette of bride holding long-train laced veil. Omni Montelucia wedding.
Palm tree and blue skies.
Bride and groom smile sweetly for the first-look session. Arch greenery tunnel scenery.
Fountains at elegant wedding at Omni Montelucia.
Bride embraces groom while holding arm in arm. Elegant outdoor Scottsdale wedding.
White and black elegant wedding cards.
Bride and groom hold hand in hand in silhouette tulle dress. Scottsdale elegant outdoor wedding.
Bride and groom smile softly by wood layered door. First look outdoor session.
Bride and flower girl smile sweetly next to each other while holding holds. Scottsdale wedding.
Bride and groom walk hand in hand during first-look shot. Omni Montelucia weddings.
Bride and groom hold arm in arm while smiling in elegant, modern styled wedding.
Deep colored bridesmaid bouquet arrangements.
Groom looks at bride hand in hand while bride poses. Elegant Scottsdale outdoor wedding.
Omni Montelucia venue. Scottsdale weddings.
Bride and groom take hands while sharing a quick moment. Scottsdale Omni Montelucia wedding.
Bride and grooms hands intertwined with square wedding ring in place.
Green and fuchsia plants on wall. Scottsdale outdoor weddings.
Blond bride holds long-train of veil next to fountain. Omni Montelucia wedding.
Groomsmen smile with groom. Outdoor green scenery.
Black and white suit and bow tie of groom.
White orchid and brown leaf hanging wall decor. Outdoor Scottsdale wedding.
Bride smiling with rich colored, fuchsia bridesmaids.
Jewel and deep toned bouquet for bridesmaid.
Flower girl walks down aisle with rose petals. Omni Montelucia wedding.
Hanging white orchid and roses decor. Scottsdale weddings at Omni Montelucia.
Guests pose before wedding ceremony starts.
Orchestra strums harp during wedding ceremony. Scottsdale weddings.
Smiling bride walks down aisle with father. Omni Montelucia weddings.
Guests watch bride and groom during ceremony procession of wedding. Outdoor Scottsdale wedding
Groomsmen holds black and white satin bow card.
White modern pot of flower arrangement focus during ceremony .
Bride and groom smile together after wedding ceremony. Outdoor Scottsdale weddings.
Elegant white and gold wedding table placement and chairs. Overflowing flower bundle.
Romantic, deep colored flower arrangement on table.
Bride and groom sway arms during first dance. Omni Montelucia weddings.
Bride and groom smile during first dance moves. Live band sings and plays instruments.
Glass settings and fuchsia arrangement centered on table placement.
Bride and bridesmaid cheer during wedding reception. Scottsdale weddings.
Older couple dances during wedding reception on elegant dance floor.
White flower arrangement and gold placements on bridal party's table.
Groom holds bride while having their first dance. Guests watch this sweet moment.
White orchid layered wedding cake.
Guests of bride and groom dance happily during reception. Band plays instruments during evening.
Wedding Planner: Jennifer Ellis with White House Design Studio // Venue: Omni Resort & Spa at Montelucia // Florist/Decor: White House Design Studio // Dress: Vera Wang // Hair & Makeup: Cheryl Lynn Roberts with The Blonde Brunette // Stationery: The Paper Place // Custom Dance Floor: Barker Decor // Linens: Nuage Linens // Band: The JJ's Band // Officiant: Angiolo Livi // Draping: Quest Drape // Cake: La Dolce Pesca // Videographer: Something New Media // Ice Sculpture: Armitage Ice


Equipment used for above photos (film gear for daylight, digital for reception): Contax 645 Film Camera // Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.0 Lens // Zeiss Distagon T* 45mm f/2.8 Lens // Fuji 400 & Portra 800 film // Film developed & scanned by Photovision // Canon 5D Mark III // Canon 50mm 1.2 lens // Canon 24mm 1.4 lens // Canon 70-200 2.8 lens // 2 Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites // MagMod Bounce // 2 Battery Packs // Light Stand with umbrella bracket and cold shoe
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