Couple joins hands while family watches them join in unity of marriage. Outdoor casual wedding.
Planning your wedding can be chock-full of difficult decisions, but it can also be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your fiancé to express yourselves.

Let me start by sharing a little story about Charlie & Dara's wedding. When they were planning their wedding, Dara dreamed of getting married in the forest, surrounded by the beauty of nature. She was so excited by the idea of their little wedding in the woods! Then they started writing out their guest list … and it was a LOT more people than the forest clearing could handle. What was the solution that would preserve their vision while also including all of their friends and family?

Charlie & Dara decided to break away from tradition and do something new! The day before their wedding, they had a tiny ceremony in the woods with just their immediate families. Dara's father walked her into the clearing toward where Charlie was waiting. They read the vows they had written for one another while holding hands and looking into each other's eyes. And their fathers each took turns praying over them, that God would bless their marriage and future together. Then the next day -- their wedding day -- they had their official ceremony in a church, witnessed by all of those loved ones that they valued so highly and wanted on their guest list. It was the perfect compromise, giving them a chance to make their dream wedding in the woods moment a reality AND letting them share their day with their community. A win-win!

Charlie & Dara's wedding made me think about the amazing opportunity each couple has to create their own NEW wedding traditions. I was inspired by that spirit of personalization as I planned my own wedding. My husband and I chose to celebrate the members of our wedding party during the dinner portion of our reception by playing each of THEIR wedding songs and giving them each a solo dance with their spouse. It was fun and unique, and we loved sharing that connection with them! If you're planning a wedding, think about the things that would make the day really meaningful for YOU. Use a quote from the first film you ever saw together in your program. Walk down the aisle to an instrumental version of "your" song. There are so many ways to create a brand new wedding tradition that you will be able to relive and cherish for years to come!

I was fortunate to be able to photograph Charlie & Dara's ceremony in the woods. It was so intimate and special. Here are a few favorites:
Bride walking through green forest with father. Colorado pine tree outdoor wedding.
Couple facing one another hand in hand with sweet looks. Organic wedding shoot
Bride reads vows while groom embraces moment. Casual boho wedding outdoors
Groom reads vows to bridal party shares this moment. Colorado outdoor weddings.
Bride and groom unite in marriage with family. Simple boho wedding Colorado weddings.
Couple prays with gathered family. Nature organic wedding style in Colorado
Groom shares a sweet look at his beautiful bride. Natural outdoor wedding
Family surrounds couple in outdoor pine trees moment
Family surrounds couple outdoors and takes a moment to pray. Simple wedding shoot
Sweet embrace of groom holding his bride. Simple outdoor wedding.
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Create your own wedding traditions to make your big day unique!
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