Monday, May 14, 2007

The Puppy's Name Is....


I decided to name my new puppy Dixie. It's a fun name that fits her personality, I like the south and she's tiny like a dixie cup. I don't have any deeper reasons for picking the name. Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the decision. It definitely helped me a lot to have so many ideas pouring in!

I caught this video of Dixie tonight finding the "other dog" in my office. It's hilarious.

Isn't she SOOOO cute!? Now if I could just get her potty trained and get some work done....

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Blogger Blue Orchid Designs said...

too cute!!

11:05 AM

Blogger Jessica Messer said...

OH MY GOSH THAT IS SOOOO CUTE! I love the name too!

7:42 PM

Blogger Jamie Hammond Photography said...

my kids were just cracking up at that!

6:05 PM

Blogger || davidjay || said...

That is so hilarious!!!

6:53 PM

Anonymous Shannon said...

Ahhh! I love it! How cute is she???? I love how she tried to get away but that dang dog was still there. I have to say, she was very brave to nibble on the other dog to show it who's boss. Can't wait to come over and play with her. :)

7:45 AM

Blogger J Sandifer said...


Aren't dogs mine!

4:45 PM

Blogger egordon said...

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8:15 AM

Anonymous Adrian said...

Very funny, some great work

2:44 AM


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