Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lunch with Gino

Today I went to lunch with Gino Lucadamo of Story by Photo. Gino has been in the wedding photography business a lot longer than I have and is doing very well for himself specializing in destination weddings. Not only is he talented but he's a fun guy to hang out with. We've gone to lunch a number of times over the past couple years and it's always fun.

I really enjoy hanging out with other wedding photographers. We have a great industry of people who enjoy networking and helping each other out.

Thanks for lunch Gino!



Blogger || davidjay || said...

Awesome! HEY! I remember that place! ...and I think we even sat in that seat too!

Gino rocks...yes..terrible at blogging..but amazing at everything else!

6:39 PM

Blogger Blue Orchid Designs said...

my favorite restaurant!

you know if this photography stuff doesn't work out for you, you always have a career in video. :)

7:19 PM

Blogger www.storybyphoto.com said...

U R too funny...time for payback! Send me that video of you now so I can plaster it all over my blog ;)

BTW: we look good together...anyone else notice that? 8)

10:31 PM

Blogger Noel Del Pilar, Photographer said...

Gino is a great guy... he was in Puyerto RIco a couple of days ago conducting seminar for destination wedding photographer in a cruise...

8:42 PM


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