Saturday, May 26, 2007

Laura & Nate

Yesterday I shot my cousin Laura's wedding in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It was a rough week for Laura and Nate leading up to the wedding. Nate was in a motorcycle accident and thankfully was wearing a helmet and leather jacket but still broke his shoulder blade and bruised himself up pretty good. Pain killers helped him through the wedding. And the morning of the wedding Laura woke up struggling to swallow and went to the doctor only to find out she had mono! So they were both on drugs but the wedding went well and I honestly couldn't tell that Laura was sick. Plus Lee, Laura's brother, who was supposed to be an usher, came down with a violent flu bug on the day of the wedding and was completely out of commission. I'm still up here one more day with my aunt and uncle and now my uncle has the flu! Hopefully I won't be bringing it back to share with all of you in Arizona :).

The wedding was very simple but also very special with many family and friends in attendance.

This is my gorgeous cousin Amanda up from Nebraska:

The dress:

Getting the dress on without messing up the hair is always a fun challenge:

Laura & Nate seeing each other for the first time:

We just walked around the church grounds for portraits but I loved what I had to work with:

Laura & Nate were so sweet together.

Here's the bridal party:

The groomsmen:

The bridesmaids:

Laura's dad walked her down the isle to the country song "I loved her first." It was a tear-jerker.

The cute ring-bearer:

And the sweet flower girl:

I've never seen Laura happier:

Finally married and off to nurse each other back to health :).

If you'd like to see a slideshow with more photos from the day, click here.

Congratulations Nate & Laura!!

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matt + angie sloan said...

They both look so happy and in love we cant even tell they are sick and in pain. Glad to hear they both are ok! Beautiful Pictures!!!

11:55 PM

Barry Fox said...

Another one of those classic Melissa days out
Well done
Best wishes from the windy and wet UK

3:54 AM


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