Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Katina & Robert Take 2

Katina and Robert had so much fun last weekend shooting their first engagement shoot that they decided to do another one. I think they maybe missed me too :). We felt adventurous and went to their local Home Depot--their home away from home. They love to do home remodeling projects together. So I thought this would be a fun location to shoot. And it was!

Some fun with the cart:

Hanging out in their favorite section--plants:

This is classic Katina & Robert. They're being all cute and then Robert cracks a joke and I end up with lots of photos like this:

Being total rebels:

Katina will probably kill me for putting this one in, but I thought it was hilarious:

These guys were up for anything and we ended up having a blast!



Blue Orchid Designs said...

I LOVE these! What a cute and fun couple!

12:03 PM

jenniferbowen said...

It just goes to show that a good photographer can get great shots ANYWHERE!

3:56 PM


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