Monday, May 21, 2007

Alex & Ryan

Saturday was Alex & Ryan's wedding. These two are a totally sweet couple who are friends of Laura & Daniel -- a couple who's wedding I shot a year and a half ago. So it was fun to see them again--happily married :).

This wedding was a dream to shoot. Even though it was hot and sunny all day, we had great light overall and beautiful places to shoot. Not to mention beautiful people :). We started out the day at a great salon in downtown Tempe -- Mood Swings. If you're getting married and looking for a salon to get ready at--check this one out--I would love the chance to shoot there again.

Here's Michelle--the maid of honor:

Alex getting her make-up done:

Next we headed to The Secret Garden, a great venue in south Phoenix. I love shooting there. My friend Sarah is the coordinator and she is a joy to work with. Also, The Secret Garden has the prettiest getting ready rooms I've seen at all the venues I've worked at.

Here's the dress:

And the shoes--one for style, one for comfort:

The girls were so funny--they really wanted the day to be peaceful and fun so they brought Uno to pass the time before getting dressed:

Alex was a gorgeous bride:

Here's Ryan hanging out with his Best Man, Scott before the wedding. I love how they're sitting the same way:

During the portraits of the guys I was working with the 2-year-old ring bearer to sit like this:

And instead, he came up with his own pose:

So hilarious!!

Here's the adorable flower girl:

Preparing the way for the bride:

The guests looked on as Alex's dad walked her down the huge staircase to get married:

Such a beautiful setting--you wouldn't know we were in Arizona except for the heat!

Some fun portraits with Alex and Ryan after the ceremony:

And the first dance:

A great moment during the father/daughter dance:

And then the par-tay!

If you haven't had enough and would like to see even more photos from the wedding, click here to see the slideshow.

Congratulations Alex & Ryan--it was such a magical day!



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