Wednesday, May 16, 2007


64. Be on "Simple Photo Minute"

I'm so excited! My friend, Dane Sanders, a wedding photographer in OC that started his business up around the same time as me and helped found OSP (Open Source Forum) has this great thing for photographers called "Simple Photo Minute." He puts together short videos that are educational and seek to help wedding photographers simplify their lives and businesses. It's great and I've been watching the weekly podcasts for over a year now.

When I made my list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days, I put this one on there. About a month ago, I filmed a segment of myself walking through how I run my client meetings and Dane used it! Click here to view my 1st Simple Photo Minute!

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Blue Orchid Designs said...

Great job! I thought your studio was painted red, but apparently I just have a faulty memory. That or you painted and then repainted it back. So sneaky. :)

5:23 PM

Dane Sanders said...

Seriously Melissa ... GREAT job! Keep 'em coming :)!! You're fans will want more I guarantee it.

Also, if you want the code to put the player on your own blog, go snag it over at and post it up.


10:59 PM


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