Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One Light Workshop

Yesterday I was in the One Light Workshop in San Diego from 9:30 am to after midnight. It was a very full day but I learned a ton that I am really jazzed about taking home with me and applying to my photography. Above is our talented professor, Zack Arias, who really has a great handle on how to use light. His work is amazing.

We basically learned how to turn a descent photo like this:

Into a more dramatic and powerful photo like this:

By using a set-up like this:

I love how Zack was willing to lie on the ground and in puddles to get the best shot. It makes me question my own dedication :).

We hit the streets of San Diego and ran into a cool local artist who let us use his rooftop to shoot on. I took some time to shoot some photos just for fun (no workshop application here--I already know this stuff :))

A rooftop garden:

Another rooftop garden:

The view:

The cat:

Mitch shooting Ivan shooting something:

The beautiful Jasmine Star working her stuff:

I like the layers of this photo:

Zack set up this shot and let us give it a try:

Then he sent us out on our own in groups to see if we cold figure this stuff out ourselves. This is what I came up with using the very modelesque, Sara France as my model:

Pretty cool huh!?

At midnight when we were all wiped out we decided we needed to take a group photo out on Sara's front lawn. It started out all cute and normal:

Then....the sprinklers came on:

The perfect ending to a great day.

Thanks so much to Zack and all the fun photographers who attended who made this workshop one of the best I've been to yet!



Jasmine said...

I LOOOOOVE it! Those are awesome, Melissa! Okay, but please remove that heinous picture of me from your blog!! ;) Do I really look that dorky when I shoot?!

9:58 AM

Blue Orchid Designs said...

The sprinkler pics are too funny!

1:26 PM

Daniel & Jess said...

i am excited about the word "jazzed" he he he he! looks like you had a great time!!!! love ya! =0)

12:01 AM

|| davidjay || said...

Too good! I love it!!!

8:00 AM


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