Saturday, February 24, 2007


38. Spend a whole day with Jess out at her place

So today I was supposed to have an engagement shoot but the couple had to postpone last minute so I took my whole Saturday off to spend time with my good friend Jessica which just so happened to be on my list. Now you may wonder why spending time with a friend would be considered a legitimate goal. Jessica has been my friend for a long time. She has two kids--Sydney is 8 and Grant is 5. I've been friends with Jess long before she had Sydney and we've been through a lot together. Last year she got remarried and she now lives out in the boonies beyond the limits of Queen Creek -- about a 45 minute drive from me. And our relationship has changed a bit this year. I don't get to see her nearly as much and have only made the trip out to her house once. Isn't that sad? So I decided I needed some quality time with her and would make the effort to go her way.

But we didn't spend the whole day out at her house. We started the day at Grant's little league game. Which was a lot of fun. Here's a great shot I got of one of the little leaguers at bat:

Here's Sydney playing with her most cherished toy--an American Girl Doll. I haven't seen Sydney in months and she is getting so big and seriously talks like a grown up.

This little guy is playing the outfield and is totally prepared for any fly ball that may come his way:

I love this shot of the team as they wait their turn up to bat:

After the game and lunch we made the trek back to Jess & Daniel's house. They live off a dirt road and burn their own trash and they don't even really have a city name to call their own. Right now they're "borrowing" "Queen Creek" for their address even though their house is 10 miles beyond the edge of town. I give them a hard time for living so far out. Here's their house:

We went next door to my friend Lindsay's house. Lindsay is also Jessica's sister-in-law. She is pregnant and I got this great shot of her:

She was watching some cute dogs. Check out these ears:

We hung out for awhile working on a school project with Syndey. Here's Sydney--I can't believe how gorgeous she is!

To wrap up the fun-filled day, we went ice skating! Sydney made the honor roll so this was her reward. It was the first time ever skating for both Sydney & Grant!

Getting laced up:

The whole fam:

Now mind you, all of the following shots were taken while I myself was on skates on the ice. Pretty impressive, I know :).

Grant was really tentative at first and either held onto mom or the side:

But then he got this walker-looking-thing that helped him not fall and gain confidence. It was really cute:

I caught this action shot of him wiping it even with the walker:

But then he got rid of the walker and was wizzing around the rink on his own. He had a blast!

I got some cute shots of Jess & Daniel as well--still newlyweds :).

What a fun day! Thanks guys for hanging out! I hope it's not too long before we do it again :).

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Daniel & Jess said...

We had a BLAST!!! And what a day it was!!!Thank you soooo much for recording it for us. Please let's hang out REAL soon!!!
Love US!!! =0)

1:32 AM


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