Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alex & Ryan's Engagement shoot

Last weekend I shot Alex & Ryan's engagement photos. I got a little behind with blogging and most everything this week with Thanksgiving and then catching a cold. But I had so much fun with them! I'm excited to finally share these with you. Alex and Ryan are such a cute couple and so laid back and fun to be around. They are getting married in May and after shooting their engagement photos, I'm really looking forward to the wedding!

We shot at the Scottsdale Civic Center. When we got there we found that the entire thing was taken over by an Arts and Crafts festival but we worked around and with it. Here's some fun shots from around the festival:

This beautiful swan was hanging out in the lake and I had to get a shot:

Here's some more shots from the park area:

We decided to walk around Old Town Scottsdale and shoot at some different locations there:

We came across a cool historic car show and shot by their favorite old Chevy:

After grabbing some dinner we took advantage of the city lights to get a few fun night shots. This is one of my favorites:

Alex & Ryan--you guys are great! I can't wait for the wedding!



Nicky said...

I love them! My brother and Alex look so happy and natural, it is the perfect vibe for their pictures, great job!

12:10 PM


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