Dave Owen - Hi Melissa, I much prefer your original Kubota processed pictures.
Audra - Melissa, I love your site so much! I've been planning on purchasing totally rad actions and finally have it in my budget. Of course there are new options on the site including Rad Lab and LightRoom Presets. Have you heard anything about these? Do you think it's better to be doing these kind of corrections in LightRoom as opposed to Photoshop? Thanks for all your advice!
Jessica - I just love the warmth of the tones in the TRA versions. But your version is also great, and I think you are absolutely correct that wedding photography should be classic and not trendy! The BW versions are so close that I don't really have an opinion ... both are great!
Anna Rebecca - I love your post! I have to agree with Jessica. I have been considering some actions to make my photos look more consistent, but I have always loved the way you have been processing. I have said that is what sets you apart: your color tones, the tack sharp images, the true likeness to the actual scene with some "beauty enhancement"--no one can capture the beauty you create in your photos, and I think that is also in the processing you have been using.
Dallas - I like the Kubota way for the color processing and RAD for the black and white. :)
Evie Perez - Thanks for this post Melissa! Great comparison on your images. The bookstore session was one of my favorites! I love the TRA Black and White. I have the TRA but it's been awhile since I've used them. Looks like I have some experimenting to do! :)
Kristin Hardwick - I agree, let the pictures determine which action you use. I do not think your style suffers from the warmer tones, I think I'd recognize them either way.
Melissa Jill :) - Thanks Dee! You can see that comparison on all of my "Behind the Image" posts. Just type that into the search field at the top of my blog and you'll see them!
Dee - I love your work! I like your processing better. What would be really interesting to see is straight out of camera compared to your regulary processing! :)
Alan - Totally rad post! I can never get bored of trying different actions and working out my unique style.
Valentina - I think both sets look great but I do love the warmth that TRA adds to your pictures. But your work is beautiful either way!
Johanna - I have been a Melissa Jill fan for a long time and have always loved your post processing. I don't want to discourage new ways of doing things, but how you finish your photos now is fantastic and always will be.
Jill - I love how the black and white actions transform the pictures, especially in your shoot with little Anthony. I also truly enjoy the color actions as well. I, too, enjoy that they are slight to keep them looking timeless. As always, I love looking through your photos.
Jessica - Melissa, I like your usual processing much better. The others look a little like... "everyone else's." I've always been a huge fan of your work, because it's amazing, and because you're not a trend follower.
Sarah Neal - Your trademark is your "lack" of color manipulation - like staying true to pretty much what is there. In all cases I think your original bag of tricks is better except for the shot of them on the stairs. Big white skies and spaces are so common (especially in Northern Arizona) and I do love some warmth added to those cold hard lines. Beautiful either way though... and it's good to experiment.
Connormcc - I've been tempted to buy and use TRA lately, need to buy Lightroom first though...
Leanne Brischetto - Hey Melissa :) I love the warmer tones in your b & w so Kevin's action wins out there. As for the colour, I loved TRA's on your library series - it really suited the look. However for your outdoor shots, I much prefer Kevin's. Just my two cents worth. :) And I always love reading your blog. ♥
Lisa - I love your work. It's classic and stunning. The fact that you work as unto the Lord makes it even more beautiful to me :) As far as your processing, I love your regular color the best. Just perfect. I do, however, like the TRA BW better. But as you say, it kinda depends on the feel of the session and what you felt when you were there. Beautiful work, Melissa. You are an inspiration.
Dennis Bullock - I have noticed this change also Melissa and I have to say that I prefer your Kubota look. That's just me though.
Ange Movius - I like your normal processing better! I, too, was worried you were trying to look like the antiquated look I see everywhere and I'm so tired of it!
marisa - I've always loved your post-processing consistency. I noticed the difference in your last engagement session right away. Aaron and I like a solid, classic image, too - but we're still working out our post-processing numbers. It's so hard, because while we love a slightly warmer look, it's a thin line between warm and vintage/yellow/trendy overkill. I vote you keep your old processing, but it definitely doesn't hurt to experiment. :)
Anthony - I agree with Kristin. Keep your old process! Any one can post process, not everyone can shoot beautiful photos straight out of the camera like you can. This old timey/hipster look will go away within a couple years. Your talent shines when there is less obvious post-processing. Your current style is timeless. This TRA look is just like it's name...Totally a Fad.
MelissaFoscardo - Boy, do I know what you mean about trying out actions. For me, it was LR presets, since I don't use PS yet. I tried every jacked up color combo available! I'm finally starting to settle into my own style, I think. I want my photography to be timeless, clean and true as well...finally! I think that's why I like your normal processing. I still have fun with my presets on non animate objects, but i'm working too hard to get skin tone right to mess with it too much anymore :-) No matter what you choose, it's fun to shake things every once in a while!
Kristin - It's funny that you blogged about this, because when I saw your last engagement session, I thought 'Oh no, she's changing her processing to look like everyone else. :('. I definitely prefer your normal processing, and you're one photographer out there who I always thought had really defined a great style. If I were you, I'd stick with your usual. :)
Yen - i thought i noticed something different in chris and breanne's engagement shoot, but i couldn't pinpoint it. thank you for pointing it out! i always love your posts that have side by side pictures. :) it's just so helpful!
Charrie - I like your normal processing. I think the TRA looks too yellow and washed out in the color ones. I prefer more color myself. Can't tell enough difference in the B&W to make a difference.
Tira J - I love how you have processed the images, and I know that TRA does some awesome stuff! I use a combination of TRA and Kubota combined. Personally, I am a firm believer that in 10 years, people are going to question the yellow, trendy, washed out images that so many are posting these days. If that is their style, then by all means, continue. I am just one of those pure image girls that loves to rock my SOOC images with just a little extra lovin' for my clients. Our clients hire us for our time and talent, not just what TRA and Kubota can do for the image afterwards. Again, my personal opinion. MJ, your clients hire you for YOU and will continue to do so.
Kendra Jean - I always love your clean and crisp images! I am in the same boat as you, I started almost 7 years ago too, and played around with the selective color, sepia, borders and funky post processing! But I kept coming back to no actions, and just classic and crisp :) I seem to look at alot of blogs and all their images go through phases of the latest craze and I don't want to do that, because I want my clients to love their images in 15 years and not have them look super out dated trendy! As much as I like all the actions, I have so far stuck with my style and not given in to the latest vintage craze fad. :)
Lissette Q - I LOVE both Kubota and TRA Actions. As for your images, both are great but I honestly prefer your original post-processing method. It is much more classic. :)
robina - I gotta say, I like the TRA BW processing a bit more. The contrast is cleaner, especially with the lighter greys/whites. For the color, it depends. For the photos with sky, the TRA is a little nicer because it's not faded white space. But for night shoots, your original processing might be better to stick with.
Rachel Tatem - Love the pictures of the family... too cute
Stacey Poterson - I love your normal processing the best!
Heather Corporan - Honestly, I liked ALL of yours better! The other 'look' definately is nice, but to me feels like it's what everyone else is doing. I love that MJ's photos are clean, crisp and very 'real'. Maybe one or two photos of choice are nice to have 'actioned' but my personal preference is just the authentic thing : ) I hope that made sense, it did in my head lol.
Alejandra - Imaginale - Haha.. weeell... after seeing Chris & Bre's engagement shoot, it works very nicely as a set. So now I don't know! :P
Alejandra - Imaginale - I would say for color -- your original mix, and for B&W the TRA one. Although I do really like the use of Grandma's Tap Shoes at the library :)
Sarah Potter - I love your work and have been admiring it from afar for awhile now. Honestly, I have to say I love your processing better for both the BW and Color images.
Lisa Mathewson - Ok, I totally noticed the difference in your images before this post! Isn't it funny how trained our eyes become :)
Holly - i prefer your 'normal' processing for the family and for the couple's shoot, i'm torn between 'normal' and TRA :D it IS fun to play and try something new! i'm doing the same thing now. never in a million years did i think i would ever use presets or actions! never say never, i guess! ;)
Danielle Aquiline Photography - SO glad to see this post, Melissa! I have to admit, I get post-processing envy a lot. I read other photographers' blogs like crazy, and I am really drawn to the trend of vintage, cool-toned, sun-kissed images. I literally have to fight with myself not to do that to my own photos. Ultimately, I think that--as you said--those post-processing techniques really date an image. I like your color photos the way you've been processing them, but I may like the TRA b&w images a little more. Though, I always tend to prefer cool-toned b&w photos.
Larry - I prefer your usual look. While the TRA actions still look good, I think sticking to what you've been doing and maintaining consistency is better. If you're looking into changing some of the processing you might start introducing some of it subtly over the next few months to see if anyone notices. Just my 2 cents.
Tricia - I can't decide which I like better for the B&W, I think they both look great. I am really loving the TRA color processing with Grandma's Tap Shoes! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them honestly.
Isabelle - Wow, it's like you've been reading my mind! I almost purchased Totally Rad Actions yesterday, but was feeling a bit guilty about it. I finally convinced myself today that I would try it out and I'm glad to see someone else playing around with them! Thanks for another - totally relevant - post!