noah worden - Lis, Thanks for put Birthday pictures on there. So are you on ur way. :) We just wait for you Lis! Love you. haha lol no kidding. my Mom just waiting for you too and my dad waiting for you. :) So lets go to the Jungle Jims. And look at stuff If i like it. :) Let me know when you get here! Thanks! Noah Worden
Ira @ chicago and Suburb - I so love the moments of this kid. Great photos!
Ernest @ wedding favors - Wow! May is definitely the most hectic month in your lives. And the most expensive month as well. My family is on a monthly basis starting September.
Judy Subaitis - I loved coming to the party and seeing Noah and Elijah at home with their wonderful family!
maria nissen - When I firtst saw the green gift bag, I thought you had cute bags with your name on it, then I realized it was your logo! (Although, you probably DO have cute bags with your logo on it!) What a cute nephew and what a treasure these photos will be for him and his family as he gets older. Great capture.
Gail - Change May to March and that is my same situation! Two parents' birthdays, my mother-in-law's, two sisters-in-law, and three niece/nephews--CRAZY TIME! PS - So cute to see Noah so excited about the iPod! It's fun to get gifts you've been dreaming about for ages!
Brian Friedman - Love it Melissa!!!
Brooke - What a wonderful month!