Jeff Krieger  If you have an iPad, Gary is now a video columnist for the only newspaper created specifically for the iPad. It's called The Daily. I like it a lot. It's a bit buggy, but I love the interactivity, typography, photography, and headlines. Gary is on about once a week and usually nails future trends in tech. Check it out! [11/17/11 - 1:52am]

martin  Love the books you recommend! [5/7/11 - 11:10pm]

Von DeVore  Adding this to my list of books to read! [4/26/11 - 10:46am]

Jenna Unruh  Thanks for reviewing this! I'm currently reading his 2nd book "The Thank You Economy" and enjoying it. But I was wondering what I had missed in the first. Thanks! [4/20/11 - 8:09pm]

Chelsea  You should also check out The Thank You Economy by the same author. I have not had the chance to read it yet but it also talks about our new economy and what consumers are really looking for. [4/20/11 - 5:48pm]

Tony Rufrano  Why don't you write a book? [4/20/11 - 12:39pm]

Alice G Patterson  Dane Sanders refers to those disgruntled long timers that you mentioned as Grumpies. I'm happy to report that I'm a recovered Grumpy. About five years ago everything you mentioned was happening to me. Luckily, I went to my first PUG meeting in Los Angeles, and quickly went from Grumpy to bursting with a renewed sense of inspiration! Three years ago, I moved to the Syracuse area, and started the Central New York PUG, so I could help inspire other photographers whether they were a grumpy, newbie, or something fabulous in between. I feel so fortunate to truly love what I do. Thanks for continuing to share your inspiration with us. [4/20/11 - 9:54am]

Kristin  I actually laughed when I saw this post in amazement - the way you do when you find out someone else was just doing the same thing as you. I just read this book too! And I felt the same way about it. It's good reinforcement if you're already using social media that way though. :) [4/20/11 - 8:31am]