Melissa Jill :) - Hi Chris - The study that was in the news recently was discredited over a year ago. The reason it was in the news again was that they were saying that the doctor purposefully changed variables to determine the outcome. So that particular study was already discredited and what was in the news recently didn't really change the minds of anyone on the vaccine debate. I'm open to the fact that vaccines might not be linked to autism but I certainly don't agree with most of the medical community who says it has been proven that there is no link. I think more research is needed.
Chris Aram - I know this is an old post, but I found it interesting (love your blog, btw! how do you find this kind of time to write thoughtful commentary and still produce so many great shoots! :) Now that the vaccine link has been formally retracted as inaccurate by the original author in recent months, I was wondering if your position had changed since then? I have a good friend with an autistic child and we really like our pediatrician, whose practice has stated clearly that they will adhere to standard schedules. So I say that just to say, I'm kinda familiar with a lot of the debate but I fall on the side of thinking that vaccines are probably not the cause of autism. Just wondering if the newest information had swayed your opinion at all? Great work! :)
Jeanette Leblanc - First - Melissa, thanks so much for this ongoing series of posts. I considered myself fairly well informed as I have many friends with autistic children - but I have learned from your posts and am grateful for that. Second - add me to the list of those fired by their docs. We got a certified dear john letter, after we had mentioned to the PA at our daughter's newborn visit that we wanted to do a delayed/selective vaccination schedule, and declined the newborn Hep B. We found another doctor who seemed open minded, but when I brought up my desire to discuss an alternate/selective schedule he said he will give no advice. You either follow the suggested schedule, or you're on your own. It's so very frustrating! My five year old has had continued digestive issues, and for that reason has had no vaccines at all, but I've never ruled out getting her selectively vaccinated once her digestive issues are properly diagnosed....but I can't even seem to find a doc who will have a conversation with me about frustrating!
Melissa - I don't closely follow the current autism research but I had not heard of a vit. D connection until I came across this article...I think it is worth reading. On another note, physicians are NOT paid bonuses by pharmaceutical companies. This is illegal.
Dawn Crim - The reason why pediatricians are kicking parents out of their practice is because by not following the CDC's schedule, it directly interferes with their bonuses paid out by the pharmaceutical companies. Also, I do not recommend any of Dr. Sears' books. There is no such thing as an alternative vaccine schedule. In fact, there isn't one shred of scientific evidence out there to prove that vaccines work or that they eradicated disease. If you want to become educated on "truth" involving government coverup - read, "Vaccine Safety Manual" by Neil Z. Miller and "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts. You will be shocked to find out that vaccines cause things like breast cancer and HPV - among other things.
Erica - I like to shoot in the evening before the sun sets, but I often see harsh shadows and the skin tones look very orange-y. I have a speedlight, but haven't learned how to use it in the sun. How do you avoid those issues?
April - wow! It baffles me to think of a pediatrician that would decline to care for a child who's parents wanted to delay or decline vax! Having moved several times in the states and having had our daughter overseas, we've been through a gamut of pediatricians and not one has made us feel the least bit uncomfortable with delaying vaccinations! That's not to say those docs aren't out there! But so far our pediatricians have been extremely supportive and accommodating. I hope this points toward a change in the medical industry! As always, thanks for your voice in speaking out on this!
elena - Melissa, the best thing to do when a doctor is not willing to work with you is to fire that doctor. I had done it before. There are people out there who will take the time to listen and care, but you have to look for them. Ask other parents who might be as concerned as you are.