Mark Martinez  This is a beautiful image Melissa! [5/7/13 - 9:54am]

Ray  Love this image...Amazing!!! [7/27/12 - 10:33am]

Pam  Great work. I was wondering, do you use a Flash Light Meter at all? If so, in every situation or do the PW's take care of a lot of that. Thanks for sharing. [1/13/10 - 3:31pm]

Terri  I just found your blog today, linked from Jaime Delaine's...and I'm lovin' it! I will be a stalker from here on in! [10/13/09 - 11:05am]

Lydia  Beautiful! Thanks for sharing how you got it! [10/10/09 - 2:13pm]

YGuerrero  Mil Gracias!! [9/22/09 - 6:13pm]

Karen (Mikols) Bonar  Jamie D says you are the queen of knowing which cord I need for my power pack for my canon flash ... I've had the pack for YEARS but thought it just didn't work. dumb me, I didn't know I have to buy a cord to go along with it ... but which cord do I need???? [9/22/09 - 3:22pm]

Nate at Open Light Studio  Melissa, thanks for sharing. We're always working on our off-camera flash skills, and it's always good to read more from you on this topic. I have to agree with you that it's so dramatic to only use the off-camera for that strong key light, and pick up just a little ambient. Thanks again! [9/20/09 - 11:08pm]

Gail  Melissa, You have given the photo community that follows you such a gift with your off-camera lighting tutorials. I can say that without your guidance, I wouldn't be mimicking this same lighting set-up with giddy glee at my weddings! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! [9/20/09 - 10:03am]

Holly Howe  thank you!!!!!!! :))) [9/19/09 - 9:19pm]

Maria Nissen  I was so bummed that I missed that PUG meeting. Thanks for the follow-up that fed me a little of what I missed. I will definitely check the other links...again! [9/19/09 - 1:01am]

Carolyn Egerszegi  Excellent! Thanks for this post Melissa. You've addressed my 'weak spot' of using off camera flash just in time for the wedding I'm shooting in October. Thank you!! It's almost like I told you I could really use some help with this and then all of the sudden here's the post I need! ;-) Oh, and btw this is a stunning image. What a treasure for the bride and her dad! Wow. [9/18/09 - 11:57pm]

Julyssa Schenk  Melissa, you've inspired me to start using my Kevin K. actions again :) thanks for the inspiration! [9/18/09 - 5:41pm]

Tanya Mills  love that touch of warmth! [9/18/09 - 5:28pm]

Michelle sidles  Fascinating... and just goes to show how much I need to take a Photoshop class. ;) You're such a lovecat! Thanks! [9/18/09 - 5:25pm]