Sarah Neal - I LOVE DBG! I just recently blogged about it. P.S. Jamie... you get tickets from Vancouver to Phoenix for $150.00????? Where from... I want some!
Lorena - Love the colors and crispness of your photos, they flow so well together. Do you try to stick to one way of editing for each wedding? Also what lens do you usually use during the ceremony? Thanks for all your help, i've learned so much from you already!
Mark - I hate fisheyes Melissa...but that dress shot is gorgeous, and an example of when they can work!
Gisele Holloway - Beautiful photos Melissa! You captured it beautiful as always!
Lydia - LOVE the flare in the first picture! Those sprinkles (right?) cupcakes look so yummy!
Kristin Mizo - LOVE the first image...I still have not perfected flare like that.
MattDJ - Oh dang... here we go. As soon as that first image popped up on my screen, I new my keyboard was toast. Yup... drool... everywhere. ;-)
Lizzie Kimball - These are soooo awesome Melissa! You two did an awesome job :) love them!
Brian Leupp - Thanks for sending me the link. Please note: suits by Mr. Formal!
denise karis - awwww, so sweet - I love the one with the blue door - and the one under that one - and the pockets - and the maid of honor one - wonderful post! Congratulations to the bride and groom!!!
Erin Duggin - Great shots! Can't wait to learn from you in May.
Oleksandr Photography - Love the dress shot and details! Beautiful work!
Kayla - These are amazing! You do such beautiful work! Great job! I'd love to second shoot with you someday!
Janet - Beautiful!!! Pls, Pls do a FAQ on those sun flare shots. Love it!
camille - GREAT work, melissa, although i'm not surprised. :) the ceremony shots have so much emotion in them... you killed it AGAIN.
Dennis Bullock - Wonderful work guys!
Serendipity Videography - WOW!!! These photos are amazing. You do such beautiful work!! It was a pleasure working with you!! Thanks for including the vendors on your post. That is always such a cool thing to do!!
Tira J - Wow! You ladies are a great team and I agree, it has to be done a few times a year. Great images, and love the colors. Oh, and I have never ever seen a wedding dress with pockets. What a novel idea and super fun for pictures. :)
Ryan Gotcher - We've been checking your blog all night waiting for these! AMAZING! AWESOME! FUN! I love them so much! You two are so fantastic at what you do. I vote that you and Jamie do this more than just once a year!
Erica Velasco - Love her dress with the pockets! SO cute!
Libby - I love the "foot pop" in the slideshow pictures! Hilarious!
Jamie Delaine - AH! Love it! What a dream wedding. :) SO fun and glad I was there for it! We're going to have to make this an annual thing; every time I'm in Phoenix. :) Actually I can get flights for about $150, so anytime you have a two-wedding weekend, I'll fly out!