runa - Excellent images.
Kathy Estrada - Wow! Melissa your pictures of Ireland so make me want to go there now more than ever! You have a great talent. God Bless!
Armin DeFiesta - Spectacular adventure, awesome images... ... good driver! hehe =)
rachael earl - So, my husband told me when we visited Ireland that the Cliffs of Moher are the Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride! You were brave to drive over there with all the roundabouts and narrow roads!
Christina LeMarr - Ok, aside from the absolutely stunning scenery, and your photos making it even more stunning...I wouldn't have done the no no no I know I wouldn't have made it .8 of a mile without hitting something...maybe make it 3 feet.
Justine MIller - I would not have been able to drive that car.. you are a brave woman!
Karey Michelle - Haha I've totally driven over there on those roads too! It's insane. Good job to go for it anyways and love the pictures!!
Calvin - Left handed stick shifting... I imagine that was quite weird. I am glad you made it through. Great shots! Looks you all were wearing long sleeves. Was it chilly?
Anderson Nascimento - That`s my country (Brasil) !!!
Brandi Jo - I am glad you are alive too! We did a lot of the same things on Friday, but ended up North of Clifton. Sorry we never came back to get the fish. We were out really late and didn't want to wake you two. I miss it already! :-) The classes were so awesome and I learned SO much! Thanks again for all of it!
Victor Hugo Kawakami - Cool pics! My fellow Brazilians have made it to Ireland as well eh? Who woulda thought! With those driving conditions you have everything you need for a disaster! Good to see you got through it though. I still miss ya!
Cristi - You forgot to mention the deadly two-lane roundabouts! Thanks for keeping me alive. It was awesome!
Emily Edwards - That caution sign is stinkin' hilarious! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting, but I have been viacariously enjoying your journey! Can't wait to talk in person about it! XO
Gina Leigh - Nuh-uh! You wouldn't have gotten me to drive that van if my life, or my husband's depended on it. Well, maybe my husband's. Gorgeous shots, as usual!
Laurel Housden - I can't believe you did that in a van!! When I lived there I had a small Corsa and feared the dreaded bank line. Try driving through a McDonalds - or as they say in Ireland...MacDonalds. Have a safe trip back and look forward to seeing more of your pictures!
Melli - My dad was on vacation in Ireland two years ago. He described the traffic just the way you pictured it!!! Glad you are alive to tell us about it! The cliffs of Moher are awesome!
Tiger - Dear Melissa, I visited this link for the first time and loved it. Your photography is toooooo good. And the way you present things here is also good. Keep blogging and pixing.
Giovanna Mandel - Melissa, Last summer we visited family in Scotland. My stupid brother thought he would save us a few bucks when at the last minute he changed car rentals from Hertz to Dollar. He neglected to find out that we had automatics with Hertz...and we had to drive manuals for two weeks with Dollar!!!! I held my breath every time I passed another teenagers learned new curse words on the trip:) The cliffs are outsanding....print that baby big and frame it!
Bliss (Esther) - It's only been two days since the workshop is finished and I am missing you already :( I wish I could see the two of you driving in these crazy roads through a little hole in the wall :) Have a nice trip back home. Besos!!!
Amelia - I can relate :) Wish that I had been able to spend the rest of the day with you and Cristi...
Melissa B - So glad that you made it through these near death experiences. The scenery pictures are gorgeous! Be safe!
Shannon S. - Geez!!! I can just imagine how that little driving adventure went...bus hitting girl. I hope Cristi is doing ok emotionally and mentally after that. :) Beautiful pics of all the scenery. In "P.S. I love you" the guy who dies calls his wife his "Galway gal." It gives more detail in the book but it's because of Galway where you were! So fun! Love you!