brandelyn - Hey Melissa, I am flipping through these FAQs and just wanted to say WOW!!!! I am in awe of the time you spent to help out fellow photographers. The questions you recieve must be overwhelming and very easy to ignore and i I think it shows amazing character to have given sooo much of your knowledge so freely! Thanks for sharin' the love!!!! :)
kendra - Great Ideas! (Sorry all the comments on all these old posts!) but I am just finding all of this. Anyways, I am always trying to think of fun places to go but alot of times I just leave it to the clients. I would also love to see your questionnaires! Thanks
TriciaLee - Great Shots!!! Are you using any additional lighting or just fast lenses?
Melissa E Earle - I love all your couples shots here, but I LOVE LOVE the one in front of the VW van. That is probably my favorite. Can I have a fave though? Man it is so hard Cheerio -Melissa E Earle
Agnes - Here are some ideas for some fun locations: Grocery Shopping, picking fruits - Supermarket or pumpkin farm, etc Library reading Home - couch (laying on each other's lap, watching tv, back to back reading or listening to music, etc) Cooking a meal together - kitchen or barbeque Some kind of community service event - helping the community together CPR?? - taking some course together (but not paying attention to anything but the other person) I really love your shots! They're so friendly and warm.
Julie - That is some really awesome advice! Thanks for the insight.
Jocelyn - Wow, what great tips. I've only been doing this for a short time and I'm already at a lose for location ideas. As always, you're a great help and SO knowledgable!
kymberli q. - Great, inspirational post! Thanks for sharing! LOVE the Home Depot shoot!
MattDJ - You make every shoot seem like a trip around the US!! Great work MJ!!!
Dave Richards - great post Melissa, very inspiring!
John - Great selection for the F.A.E.Q! I love all your work, but just the fact that you can "make it work" in almost any setting is even more impressive. Thanks for sharing!
Dennis - This is great stuff Melissa. I like this idea for engagement shoots especially. I would love to see your questionnaire some time.
Amie - Thanks Jill! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out!!