Emily Edwards - Amazing day! Beautiful Bride! Incredible Photos! This one is definietly one of my favorites!
Alison Dosek - WOW!!! Awesome pictures of an AWESOME wedding. Beautiful!!!
Joann Paradies - WOW!!! Everything was so beautiful that day and to see so many moments captured. What a perfect day. I am so genuinely happy for both of you. We love you both so much! Family and Best Friends. Couldn't be better. ~ Rod, Joann & Caroline
Julie Prendergast - Melissa, I am looking at these pictures from Bora Bora on my honeymoon and what an amazing way to relive that day! I did not know I stuck my tongue out so much when I smile but now I do! :) You were so great, these pictures are priceless. Everyone was raving about you just from the slideshow at the reception and I can't wait till they see these. I don't know which to frame first, thanks for capturing the best day of our lives. Love, Jim & Julie