GFL - Incredible shots as always Melissa! Love that you still rock film!
Alejandro Luna - Wow! What a beautiful wedding! I love how you put the lenses and equipment that you use on the bottom of the blog. It satisfies my photographer curiosity :)
jamie - These are insanely beautiful!!
Seth Willey - LOVE these photos!! Wow! First of all, full disclosure, Jose and Ale are two friends I adore most in this world, but that aside, this is a beautifully shot and styled shoot. You really captured Jose and Ale reliving their wedding day. Your use of focus creates this ethereal context that makes it look as if flowers or glasses are phasing in and out of the present and moments in between. I like that!
Liz - WOW MJ!!! How do you do it? How do you take a simple backyard and turn it into beautiful elegance with vibrant wonderful colors? This is one of my faves! I really love the simplicity and the pop of colors. Even the bouquet is so simple, but yet so stunning. Great job MJ! :)