Emily - Your Heart's Desire - CUTE!! I love it. I am so glad you had a fun time!
Merck - Melissa! This shoot speaks to me in so many ways. It's right down my alley! :) Love the nature setting and the theme. What a perfect canvas for the gorgeous duo. All the best to them. God Bless.
Stephanie - LOVE THESE!!!! So fun!
Lori Calhoun - I love it Melissa!!!
Kari Jeanne - Love this!! So unique and beautiful - the campfire ones are my favourite :)
Melissa Jill - Hi Shawn -- No, just pointed the flash at a 90 degree angle at the subjects. A lot of the light you see is coming from the campfire.
Shawn - Hi Melissa, I love the shots around the fire. The flash looks like it's very concentrated around the fire and couple. Did you snoot or zoom the flash to get such a concentrated beam? I'm awaiting arrival of my very first light stand, shoot-through umbrella, and wireless flash triggers so I'm excited to learn about different techniques. Thanks for always sharing! -Shawn
Melissa Jill - Hi Jennie -- I used one 600EX-RT off-camera on a light stand set at 1/128 most of the time. I had one 600EX-RT on camera but it didn't fire -- it was just used to trigger the off-camera unit. My ISO ranged from 320-500, aperture from 1.6-2.5 and shutter speed was 1/200.
Jordan McBride - What a cool spot!
Jennie - Great shoot! I'm curious, can you give us some insight on how you photographed the fire pics? It looks like you had some sort of flash, but can you give specifics on your set up and settings? You got a great balance between fire ambiance and clarity of your subjects. Thanks
Ali - I love the new environments you are trying
Alex Evjen - I love the shots with the marsh-mellows. So cute!