Amanda L.  I'm at 3 donations for 2012 after donating twice in 2010 and 11 (a trip to Belize DQ'd me for a year in there). I'd love to donate and have lunch with you someday! I can donate again after 8/22. [8/6/12 - 6:20pm]

amber  Such a cool thing, I keep failing my iron level but I keep trying!! [7/17/12 - 10:37am]

Kari Jeanne  Think they'd let Canadians?!?! I have given blood here though - this a great reminder that I need to go again soon :) [7/16/12 - 1:50pm]

Ali  Good for you Melissa :) I'm O+ too! But I've never donated and I kind of feel afraid [7/16/12 - 1:24pm]

Melissa Jill :)  Haha -- it's a shadow Kindra. [7/16/12 - 1:21pm]

kindra hall  That brown spot on your shirt in the center photo... PLEASE tell me that's a shadow and not a massive blood-related stain... :) [7/16/12 - 1:19pm]

Heather  SO happy to see that you donate blood!! I do it, too. Working at a medical center has allowed me to witness first-hand the power of donated blood. I've made it my goal to donate four times per year, though it's tough because my iron often comes in low (even though I eat a very high iron diet). Your goal of twice per year would probably be more realistic for me. :) It's one of the easiest ways to do something nice for someone and save a life. To anyone considering it, go do it! There is no substitute for human blood - if the hospital runs out, that's it. [7/16/12 - 12:48pm]

Andrea Brewster  Let's hear a woot-woot for all the O+'s out there! [7/16/12 - 12:39pm]

Christina  I too had give blood on my 101 things list but decided to give up that item. The vampires have a hard time finding my vein and I'm a slow bleeder so the wouldn't be able to use my blood anyways. I checked out your 101 things list and got some good ideas. My current list expires next month and I'm in the process of rewriting it. I noticed one of your items was to run a 10 minute mile for 3 miles. There is a running group in Tempe that I often run with ( and they could help you with that goal. An "easy" way to reach that goal too is sign up for a 5K where the excitement of a race help keep the pace up. [7/16/12 - 10:24am]

Lisa  I'd love to be your blood lunch buddy! I'm local, N. Scottsdale, but close enough. [7/16/12 - 2:40am]