jessica - I am so glad I found your website, you are an inspiration!! I was wondering if you use a 2nd shooter. If you do I was thinking maybe a good addition to your blog posts would be shoots from your 2nd shooters to show what you like and look for from them.
Long Nguyen - Your wedding photos are so amazing and gorgeous. I love them so much. Thanks for sharing them on your site. Greetings from Vietnam, Long Nguyen
Dallas - heartfelt! <3
katie o. - Holy gorgeous! The bride is so beautiful. And I love how fantastic this wedding was!
heather - Love the whole feel of the wedding! Especially love the kissing shot from the ceremony - so much emotion!
Joanna - absolutely beautiful! - both the bride, the wedding, and the shooting :)
laura - Beautiful - love the amazing lighting!
Heather - Looks like such a fun wedding!! What a cool bridal party group shot with the wagon much character and LOVE the initials in the hearts of bird are so AMAZING!
Shawna - Such a beautiful wedding! So nice to be able to photograph a fmaily member's wedding. It makes it even more special :) Great job!
Katie Cassidy - Your cousins and extended family are gorgeous just like you. Such a beautiful wedding, I love all of the details. I might steal the idea of walking down first and greeting my attendants some day.
Lisa - and that's how a wedding should be....
Wendy - Ah Melissa...what a beautiful job you did capturing the special moments throughout the day! Thank you so much!! Yes...I cried all over again!
Kari Jeanne - So amazing - I have goosebumps!!!! I am in love with these!!
Stephanie - LOVE everything about this wedding. So, so beautiful. And the light is just amazing.
Tira J - Gorgeous work Melissa! Just beautiful!
Elizabeth - Wow I LOVED the wedding so simple but yet so elegant. Great job Melissa...
Laura Zastrow - oh, i love so many of the people in these amazing photos so much! what a beautiful day! <3
Emilia Jane - Melissa Jill. Just wow. This is quite possibly my favorite of all of your weddings. So beautiful. I adore her dress, and her curls. The joy is SO visible here!!!
Cheri Fuhrman - Mellissa.....these pictures are amazing! I love how you capture the beauty, love and excitement in every photo. Thank you for these wonderful was a pleasure to meet you. God Bless.....
Denise Karis - ahhhhh!!! if i get married, I would want a wedding JUST LIKE THAT. The bride is LOOOVELY and what a setting! well done! i think all are favorites!!
Jessica Fike - Beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures! Love it all!!!
Katie Jane - I had to de-lurk for this one... oh my. I love everything about this wedding. It's just feels so sweet and so organically beautiful.
marcusssssssss - Prob. one of my all time favs. I see you in all of these Melissa :) My kind of affair. Beautiful.
Christina - I love these photographs! Beautiful work of a beautiful bride! It was nice to meet you!
Allison Marie - Wow!! I am still in awe of the beauty at this wedding! Amazing shots as always!! :)
Holly - i choked back a tear or two. such beautiful, honest images. :)
amy - What a pretty wedding and bride. Of course you captured it beautifully down to every detail! The lighting was lovely.
Lani - I hate when i see pics of strangers outfits that i love and wish they knew where they bought them! Case in point, the photo of the bride hugging a friend with a purple dress that dress! I know...random comment! Great pics!
:) camille - love it, melissa. the lighting, the way you captured all their style - they're more than smart to have "chosen" you. :) you nothing but continue to amaze me. oh, and i love her beautiful curly hair!!
Gail - MJ, I am IN LOVE with this wedding! Her blue dress she pulled me right in to this unique, down-home day. LOVE that you got to reunite to with Allison to shoot this...what amazing images you captured. One of my favorite weddings of yours in 2012!