Mike Wooten  I'm afraid Dixie upstaged you here. She is so dang cute! [9/4/12 - 2:48am]

Kate  Dixie is so sweet - it looks like she's got fake eyelashes on, with those pretty pretty eyes! :) [6/26/12 - 10:33am]

Kristen  LOVE the photo of you and Dixie dog!! Precious! :) [6/24/12 - 10:26pm]

Jennifer L  cant get 10,000 reasons out of my head too! indeed, we are blessed beyond measure [6/22/12 - 4:37pm]

Ali  oooooooohhh love the summer outfit and the scarf. You look so pretty:) 6 a.m walk, good for you! ;) [6/22/12 - 3:32pm]

ja  i did a Krispy Kreme drive-thru yesterday too....and realized i don't think i've ever had a HOT one!! i crammed it in my face in the car like it was my last meal! oh the shame!! [6/22/12 - 12:01pm]

Nicole Diehnelt  I love your shout out to dads. So true! [6/22/12 - 11:35am]

Megan Salonga  I love reading your blog and I love that song, it's such a god reminder! [6/22/12 - 11:18am]

denise karis  cute dog Jesus? o.o I LOVE the scarf. like um....CUTE?! [6/22/12 - 1:33am]