Brooke  I love it!! What a cute area! :) Wow I feel so behind, I haven't been able to read blogs lately. :) [7/17/12 - 1:44am]

Carri Roman  Super cute! I love the little town and the couple is perfect for it. What a fun shoot! [6/26/12 - 12:44am]

Brittani  Melissa, I love seeing the way you see Annapolis. I've shot there several times before so it's neat to see it through your eyes. And just a fun fact, I used that same "somewhat creepy" alley for my engagement session I shot there in April! So neat :) [6/19/12 - 1:21pm]

Jewel C  The backlighting was amazing, and those streets look so pretty. Cannot wait to come over and work with you next year. [6/19/12 - 9:09am]

Shawna Morath  I had such a great time and I learned SO MUCH!! So glad I came. You and Sara did an awesoe job and it was such a pleasure getting to know both of you! [6/18/12 - 11:25am]

Kari Jeanne  LOVE! One day I'll be able to come to your workshop - and then I'll bring my Kelly Moore Bag (in grey!) and we can match. Because I have no problem being totally cool like that ;) [6/18/12 - 10:40am]

Dennis Bullock  You guys had some gorgeous locations! [6/18/12 - 10:35am]

Melissa Jill :)  Hey Kate! I change lenses a bunch of times throughout a shoot depending on which I think is best for the scenario. I can't really plan ahead based on which lenses I'll want to use, so I just change a lot! [6/18/12 - 9:36am]

Kate  Hi there! Love it, trying to soak in the experience from your blog posts since I couldn't be there. ;) How do you manage changing your lens with only 1 camera body? Meaning - do you switch lenses a bunch of times during a shoot, or just do one at a time with a plan of what you want to get from each one? Thanks! [6/18/12 - 9:24am]