jessica - OMG I love this fabric!!!! I think I might just head over to the fabric store today to grab some like it and make my own little dress. Thanks for the inspar: )
crystal - This is my favorite of all the Frivolous Fridays so far... very romantic and fun!
Shawna - Love this outfit!
Liz - ok... gotta finally ask it... is your hair naturally curly? cuz i love how it looks when you go curly! super cute! what do you do to style it (products, curling iron, diffusor)? i have naturally curly hair and am ALWAYS eager to learn new tricks to master it. :)
ali - beautiful! Flowers look great on you :)
Jennifer Halen - I love your Frivolous Fridays (especially the fashion part!!), and this week's outfit is one of my faves. CONGRATS and best of luck with your new baby! ;)
jackie g. - love the whole outfit!! and i did do the survey, we were married in 2009!
Danielle Panettiere - Love the Dress.. I just came across Ruche a few months ago.. They have great stuff! Happy Friday :)