Brooke - Holy moly this is SO tempting! Congratulations on your new venture, how exciting! :)
Allison - Ohhhh!!! I am SO excited for you!!! The site is beautiful! **goes off to like and follow Align**
Kari Jeanne - CONGRATS!!! So excited for you!!! Love everything about this!!
Kristi Church - Awesome and congrats MJ! I'm super happy for you and look forward to watching you grow! The website it gorgeous and the design clean and easy to understand! Thanks for providing this resource! We're behind you all the way!
DeJesus - What can I say that hasn't already been said my friend. You are a blessing to so many and what you do for others goes beyond this little blog comment. Continue your beautiful way of working hard and staying humble doing it. Congratulations!
Melissa Madden - Congrats! A very affordable and beautiful option in album design. We wish you all the success in the world! (not sure when you sleep!) :)
Tina - You never cease to amaze me MJ! I will spread the word as best I can!
Rachel Boe - Congrats MJ! So exciting and fun! Best of luck on this new journey!! :) :)
Faye Bernoulli - Congrats Melissa! This is awesome :)
Danielle Panettiere - Congrats on your new baby!! This website is Beautiful. Clean, fun and super easy to use. :) Wishing you all the best on this next business adventure of yours!
kristin brown - hooray! i've been so excited for you to announce this so i can take advantage of it! it looks beautiful!
Jessica - I am so excited for you and have been waiting for this release since January! Congrats lady and I'm going to take advantage of that 1/2 deal now! :)
rich - wow - congrats on the start of align!
Trisha - Congratulations Melissa!! This looks beautiful
Tira J - Congratulations Melissa! I know this has been a huge undertaking.
Tracy Woodger-Broz - This is fantastic! I have been putting off creating a sample album for forever. I definitely need this!
Alvina - MELISSA - that is soooo exciting!!! :) :) Congratulations on your new BEAUTIFUL baby!! ;) LoL!!
Karen - WOW, congrats Melissa. Very impressed and excited for you. Also very excited to try this out. Album design is not my favorite thing so this maybe the solution I need and the price is delicious too.
Allison - This is great!! I've been so anxiously waiting to see what your project has been, and this is awesome! Gorgeous website :)
Becky Young - YAY! I have been looking for something just like this! I will absolutely be using Align in my future, you can count on that! Thank you for offering this service to photographers who don't have the time (or desire ha!) to design all their albums!
Megan -! This is huge and is exciting to see the direction you're taking. You truly are a force! Congrats! :)
Gail - BIG TIME congrats to you Melissa!! Super proud of you for being SUCH an amazing business inspiration and so talented in branching out with your skills and expertise! And yeah for the design -- Promise rocked it out again!
Melissa - ACK....I can't wait to try out your new services. Whoo Hoooo
denise karis - HOW FUN! this is awesome!! I love the whole idea and design of the site! so good!