Jamelle Kelly - The outfits from this wedding are so fabulous. The bride really pulled off a great style! Nice work.
Fotopromedia fotografia - Fantastic shots! Loved every one of them, and every minute of this great event!
Gail - GORGEOUS images of Sunil and Amanda! Wow wow wow -- what a sweet wedding!
Rachel - Great photos MJ!! and Jason! Yay for MN! :)
Kate - OMG - AH-MAZ-ING. I want to be like you when I grow up. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
Mary Beth - Beautiful photos.. and what a small world. I have been silently blog-stalking since your early days, secretly hoping to become your personal assistant. Alas, you hired Sara. I have gobs of friends, but I never expected to see our worlds collide. I don't think I know Amanda, but my best friend's sis is in the picture of Amanda's family. Small world. And when Sara starts her own company, call me. I'll fill in. You have a wonderful product and company!!
denise karis - gosh - this seems to have been the perfect couple/wedding for you! I can't imagine a more beautiful bride and groom and location.....seriously, these are so so so incredibly beautiful!
Sindy - So beautiful!!!
Katie - THESE ARE SOOOOO GOOD! Stunning for real.
Jason Thon - Melissa, It was great to see you again and work together on this wedding! The images look great! Anytime you are in MN be sure to give a call.
Lori Calhoun - I L.O.V.E her dress! When you read/see so many bridal blogs they all start to look the same after awhile, but hers really stood out! Loved the vest and tie as well. Oh, and that light. So gorgeous!!!
Kari Jeanne - I can barely even handle how beautiful these photo's are! Simply amazing - I can't even pick a favourite they are all too good!!!