Shawn Reeder - Hi Melissa, I found your blog through the thirst relief mentoring site in conjunction with the upcoming Partnercon. I would love to learn how to make my blog a place that people come back to regularly and encourage others to check out. I hope to be able to meet you at the Partnercon. Shawn
Jennifer Garbett - Hey Melissa, you are awesome and will do great at PartnerCon. I am sad I might not be able to go, maybe you can present this at our PUG meeting? I would love that!! Anyway, I found your blog after a PUG meeting, so again drive the networking importance. In addition to the great ideas here I would also love to hear how you keep everything organized, you post things so quickly after events, if you don't edit the entire event before your post, do you have a good way of organizing what have processed etc. Plus you have photos of such a VARIETY of things so again, I'd love to see how you organize these various photos so they are easy to find for future needs or other blog posts! Hope that helps and good luck!!
miranda from charlotte - hey melissa! i found your blog when you sent a newsletter to your clients/past clients about starting the blog - i've been hooked ever since! if i were to go to a blogging conference, i'd want to know how to get started. hope this helps - have a great day! :)
J Sandifer - Hey Mellisa, I found your blog through your website. Couple of things I would talk about or want to hear more about. The marketing concept of Newsletter : Site : Blog...sending a newsletter out to your base gets them to your site, then your blog keeps them coming back and on their mind when they hear of someone getting married. Consistency is the key to getting traffic on your blog, as well as content. I do an Image of the Day, so people are always logging in to see the image and the photographer that took it. I will be turning this into a contest shortly to attract more attention. Bloglines is similar to google reader and has been a great resource for me to track what folks like you are doing out there! Looking forward to seeing your presentation :)
John Yrungaray - Hi Melissa, First I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. To answer your questions, I found your blog on the blogroll or comments of another pro photog. I don't remember who exactly, but I also frequent David Jay, Dane Sanders, Steve DePino and many others. One of the things I like about your blog is how you mix personal stuff with your business and you openly share things you are doing in your business to help other people, thats awesome! If I were to attend a session on blogging I would want to know as much as possible on resources out there to get me started. I know there are free services like blogger but what else is out there (preferably free) that I can learn and use that will help me to stand out? Keep up the great work! I don't have a blog yet but I'm coming up with my own 101 in 1001 list as well :) -John
Peter - Hi Melissa - I came to your blog through a link somewhere else, either someone who tagged you or maybe a list of photogs listed by another photog. I was thinking of attending the partnercon and some of the things i would like to know are, things like what are the options for making a blog, ie: free service or having one designed (i got a quote of 2800 bux, not outrageous, but certainly more than free) I would like to know how to drive traffic to the blog other than a link from the website.i know word of mouth is huge, but is there anythign you did/can do to get it going other than making great photos and posting often. also,do you have an optimum number of images you post or just whatever feels right? I see from yours and many other blogs the mix or personal and professional posts, are there any topics you consider off limits? And I 2d the thanks for the tip about google reader, it has helped streamline my blog reading. btw - I used to work in Phoenix, I was the original photographer for the YES section. was there for 2.5 years or so. We did many bridal fashion shoots, not sure if you remember/know them/me. I moved back east to be near my family and am transitioning from a commercial shooter to a children/wedding shooter. Peter Taylor
Anne - someone had an amazing picture of them on their myspace and the caption read "taken by melissa hester" and so I looked up your website which led me to your blog and I've been addicted ever since! Myspace is a HUGE resource... if your friends post your pictures, it's really good advertising because everyone on myspace is addicted to the internet anyway and enjoys looking at photos, etc. Mention in your seminar about your 1001 in 101... that whole thing is really inspirational and it keeps people coming back... I'm interested to see if you actually DO finish all of them... what the heck are you gonna invent? etc. :) and that you post a lot about your personal life with a good balance of your professional life is interesting as well. Holding contests makes for a lot of traffic too! I check you daily to see new posts!
Liene - 1) found the blog through your website 2) how do people find out about your blog? how do you get your name out there? I get asked this the most and it seems people are interested in the strategy(ies) behind blogging and want some concrete methods to implement instead of leaving it solely to word of mouse.
Amie - 1. I saw your name on a friends engagement pictures that you did. They were great pictures and I wanted to see more so I went to your website and found your blog. I didnt even know anything about blogs until you... now Im addicted to them! Your blog is by far the best blog Ive found. You constantly update it and you keep it interested. 2. One thing I would want to find out is how hard is it to keep a blog going if you were to start one. Where do you get topics to write about and how do you word them so well?
Alyson - 1. A photographer friend told me about your blog when you did the rubik's cube video. I keep reading it because you write so often. I've dropped off reading other blogs that only get entries once a month or less. 2. I would want to know how you write so often. How do you make the time and how do you remind yourself? I think a list of other interesting blogs is helpful if you want to start your own blog. So you can have some ideas of topics for entries and examples of variety. ex: you don't just talk about photography. You have your personal life and family and 101 in 1001 to mix it up. btw, thx for the tip about google reader. That is the best!