Judy Taylor  It was a great occasion. Thank you for including me each and every year. [10/8/11 - 8:13pm]

Linda Tschetter  Thanks again for organizing the Autism walk for our team! [10/7/11 - 7:30pm]

Darlene Bertling  The walk was so fun. I'm glad we took the oppurtunity to participate. The photos are amazing. You even managed to get one of my fiance's Pooh Bear :) [10/3/11 - 4:26pm]

Natalie Worden  Melissa - thanks for all your work organizing this event! You are a wonderful aunt and sister - truly special, generous and kind. I am hopeful that our efforts this year will make a difference in finding treatments and cures to help other families in the present and future. [10/3/11 - 4:24pm]

Jenni  I am tearing up reading this. Hope to be able to be a part every year. This event is awesome! Thanks for being so passionate Melissa! [10/3/11 - 4:19pm]

Jennifer Stein  What an amazing turnout MJ! Love the post and the pictures - as always, you're an amazing human being...thanks for being you! [10/3/11 - 3:39pm]