May is birthday month in my family. My mom, brother-in-law and nephew all have birthdays one after another this month. Add in Mother's Day and we pretty much party all month long.

The last two weekends we celebrated my mom and this weekend we celebrated my brother-in-law, Josh and my nephew, Noah. Noah turned 11. Which is weird because I was just in the delivery room when he was born like a couple years ago it seems.

He had a pool party that turned into an all-out water war.
There were lots of boys.
It was mass chaos.
At one point one of Noah's classmates rode his muddy bike through the house into a carpeted bedroom. Fun times.

Noah received gift after gift that after opening he held up and declared triumphantly "I LIKE IT!" Then, in between gifts, he gave the giver a hug. It was pretty cute. But all gifts paled in comparison to what he had reminded us hundreds of times over the past months that he wanted: and iPod touch. Really he wanted an iPhone. But we pooled our money and opted for a slightly more age-appropriate version. Once he opened his iPod touch he was over the party. He holed himself up inside with his dad to get it set up and hasn't put it down since.
The birthday boy getting sung to:
So fun. What a sweet family I have.
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