If life gives you a lemon...

I have a lemon tree in my backyard.

Isn't it cute?

Last week it was full of beautiful yellow lemons. So I decided to pick them.

I started in the early afternoon and wasn't done till dark. I picked A LOT of lemons.

This many to be exact:

After picking that many lemons, lemonade sounded really good. So I ran out and bought this fancy lemon pulverizer:

And it was worth the work.

It's almost Christmas and I feel the need to give one of my blog readers a gift. To the commenter who can guess how many lemons came off my tree (Price is Right style - closest without going over) I will send a $20 iTunes gift card. The contest will wrap up tomorrow at 5PM MST. No guessing for those of you I've told already!!

And PLEASE. Stop by for lemonade.

Edited to add: The contest is over! Click here to see the results!

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