Pati is a fellow photographer and dear friend of mine. We get together every other week for lunch to talk about life, encourage one another and pray together. This woman blows me away with her faith. She just oozes God's love and grace and I feel so blessed each time I'm in her presence.

I think one of the reasons that Pati has such tremendous faith is that it has been tried and tested. Her husband Peter has fought two different types of cancer in the past two years and has been healed both times. She has continued to cling to and praise God through it all.

About a month ago I sat down with Pati for one of our bi-monthly lunches and she gave me the news that Peter has cancer for a third time. And this time it has metastasized to multiple areas of his body. Ugh. My heart just broke for her. As I sat there trying to find words to encourage and comfort her, she ended up encouraging ME. Once again I was just blown away by her faith in God in the midst of such devastating circumstances.

Last week I got together with Pati, Peter and their three beautiful children for a portrait shoot. Julia is 11, Colin is 14 and Alissa is 9:
Peter is such a loving dad:
It was fun to be able to get some photos of Pati with her kids since she's usually the one BEHIND the camera:
If you're the praying type, please pray for Peter and his sweet family as he faces cancer for the third time.
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