trees on safari

I feel a teensy bit bad saying this because the model shoot, orphans and the work we did with Thirst Relief were all AMAZING parts of the trip, but the day we went on a safari was my favorite day of all. Before you get too excited though, you have to wait until tomorrow to see the animals. I have SO MANY great shots from the safari that I need to break it up into a couple posts.

I'm a HUGE animal lover so that of course was one of the reasons I loved the safari so much. But it was also unbelievable to just ride around in an open jeep in God's beautiful creation for a whole day. I felt so refreshed and at peace.

Here's a photo of the jeep a few crazy boys -- who occasionally ACTED like animals -- and I rode around in for part of the day (thanks Laura Parker for this shot!!):

And this is the amazing beauty we got to take in:

I found myself totally taken with the trees. Trees are everywhere. We see them everyday. But I think because they often stand on their own in the African wilderness, I started seeing them as individual sculptures.

I ended up taking nearly as many photos of trees as of animals. And here are a few of my favorites:

This one has a stork perched on it (I guess I slipped one animal in this post):

Sunrise. Wish I could have put a couple under that tree -- amazing light!

No two trees are the same....which absolutely baffles me. Amazingness!! Yay God!!

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