As you have probably noticed, blogging has been a bit slow since my return from Africa. Truth is, I'VE been a bit slow since my return from Africa. I'm a slug. I keep waiting for myself to snap out of it any day now -- it's been almost 3 weeks for heaven's sakes! -- but I seem unable to do so. My chiropractor told me yesterday that there's something going around where people are just feeling super-low-energy as well as stomach-weirdness. Which is exactly how I feel. He said I should "listen to my immune system and rest." Ugh. So that's my excuse. My doctor's note for sparse blogging.

I am working on some photos from the safari so those are coming soon. But I thought I'd share a couple quick photos to give you an idea of our accommodations & transportation while in Tanzania. Before the trip I was thinking...I'm going to Africa. From what I hear they have it pretty rough over there. Must keep expectations LOW for sleeping/showing, etc. But, turns out, we had unbelievable accommodations. This is the first hotel room I stayed in:
Then we were told we'd be staying in tents for two nights when we went on the safari. We did stay in tents, but turns out they were tents on steroids with indoor plumbing:
We slept with just that screened flap zipped closed so we could see outside as the sun came up and hear all the animals. It was unbelievable. I could live quite comfortably there for some time.

And this is a shot of the team inside our bus we took everywhere:
Good times...lots of bonding. On the 5 hour drive to and from the safari park we played a large-group game called "Mafia." Some of you may be familiar. Mike (brown shirt, middle), Jim (green shirt, left) and I annihilated all the townspeople when we were mafia at one point -- it was a sweet victory. Serious fun times and good memories...
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