Tonight I shot Jason & Cara's engagement photos. These two are getting married in November and contemplated not doing an engagement shoot but I'm SO glad they did! I had a blast, in part due to this cutie:
Lucy is Jason & Cara's little Pug and she was so fun to shoot. I probably included too many photos of her in this post but I can't help it--I have a puppy weakness.
After we handed off Lucy to Cara's mom, we continued with the shoot at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. Now, Cara informed me before the shoot that both her and Jason can be a little "stiff and shy around a camera." And that Jason is photogenic but she's not. Um....hello!:
Could they be any cuter and look more relaxed? (The answer is no, by the way.)
I've never seen a more white hallway--it made for a great photo:
Cara and Jason share my deep love for Mexican food. They claim they can eat it every day without getting tired of it. Their favorite is Someburros so we ended the shoot with a yummy dinner there and I had to take a photo to show off the Someburros love.
So fun! Can't wait for the wedding you guys!
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