Longest-wedding-blog-post-ever coming at you right now.

If you're a photographer, you dream of a wedding where all the components come together to make the perfect photography conditions: light, gorgeous fun couple, beautiful venue, being in the right place at the right time for every photo, etc. (the list is a long one!) Chris and Brittany's wedding came the closest to perfection that I've experienced yet. It was a dream to shoot and I'm so pleased with the results.
Here's the gorgeous bride getting her hair done up--don't you love the light?
Lindsay--the sister of the bride.
iPhone fun:
The dress:
Love this:
Chris & Brittany wisely chose to see each other before the ceremony. Love this sequence:
Some fun portraits around Silverleaf--an amazing venue in Scottsdale:
The groomsmen were great--I love how they tried (and succeeded!) to put their own boutonnieres on.
The bridal party:
The guests were provided with brightly-colored parasols for the ceremony--such a fun detail to photograph:
I love this grandpa--I kept shooting him all day he was so cute:
More parasol fun:
I took time out from photographing to make fun of these three manly-men with their pink parasol--they were good sports :):
You couldn't ask for better light for the ceremony:
Brittany's father escorted her down this large staircase before walking her down the isle:
This is one of those moments where I was in the perfect spot:
I love the expression on Brittany's face in this one:
Beautiful flowers by Brady's Floral Gallery. (see reception details below too!)
Details a photographer dreams of:
The maid of honor and best man gave amazing toasts. The groom's brother adopted the "You could be a redneck" sayings but instead said "You could be Chris Walker if..." and then told stories about all of Chris's antics growing up and ended with some very touching compliments. The sister of the bride's entire toast rhymed and made me cry. Here's some fun reaction shots:
A tripod shot of the beautiful reception room:
The band--CC Ryder Express--was one of the things Chris and Brittany were most looking forward to and they delivered!
And finally--Brittany and her dad dancing together:
To see a slideshow with even more photos from this amazing day--including the bride & groom's first funk-ti-fied dance to "September", click here!

Thanks Brittany & Chris for allowing me to be a part of your wedding!
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