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Okay men, gather round! I know that you're probably feeling a TON of pressure to get the engagement ring and proposal just right, and I have your backs! I shared a lot of tips for choosing the right ring in my post "Ultimate Guide to Picking an Engagement Ring She'll Love." But there's one aspect of buying the ring that I didn't mention: how do you make sure it will fit? If you have your heart set on a surprise proposal, this is an important question!

Here are five ways to stealthily figure out her ring size:

Borrow one of her other rings
This requires a little sneaking, but it can be a quick and easy way to get your lady's ring size! Simply snag one of her existing rings from her jewelry box and take it with you to the jeweler. After it's been used as reference, you sneak it back in with no-one the wiser. One word of caution: Many women wear rings on several fingers. Make sure that the one you're borrowing is one that she actually wears on her ring finger!

Try the ring on yourself
This follows the same principle as borrowing her ring, but with less chance that she'll think she's been robbed. :) When she's not around, try on one of your girlfriend's rings and mark your finger with a pen to show where it fits. (Be sure to remember whether you're marking above or below the ring on your finger!) Then go to the jeweler and let them help you find the size that matches the guideline on your finger. You might want to keep your marked hand out of sight of your fiancée-to-be!

Enlist accomplices
If YOU ask your girlfriend to try on rings "just for fun," she's probably going to see through that in a hot minute. But that doesn't mean someone else can't get away with it! If your girlfriend has a friend or family member that you trust (both to keep your secret and to be subtle) ask them to try on rings with her at a flea market or trade rings around the table at a girls' night. Then your accomplice can report back to you with the ring size.

The twist tie
This is a classic, but it's also one of the hardest to pull off! When your girlfriend is asleep, you wrap a twist tie (like from a loaf of bread) around her finger. Don't twist it tight, but DO bend the twist tie enough to get a clear indication of her finger size. Once it is off her hand and unlikely to wake her, you can twist the tie together to preserve the shape. The reason this is so risky is because hands are chock-full of nerve endings, so many people do wake if you touch their hands -- so be cautious!

Eyeball it
This is the least accurate, but also the easiest option! It's so simple (and cutely romantic) to hold her hand up against yours and compare how they look. If you choose to use this method, you need to do more than admire her hands, though! Pay close attention to how much they differ in size from yours. Is her ring finger the size of your pinky? Just a hair smaller than your pointer finger? After you've done the comparing, make a note in your phone so that you don't forget your observations!

Remember, most jewelers are happy to resize rings, but it's usually easier to size a ring down rather than up. So if you're not certain of her ring size, it's probably better to go a little larger instead of a little smaller!

Good luck!

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Find out her ring size for your surprise proposal!
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