Lillian Fogel, Makeup Artist
I can imagine that planning a wedding must be a little overwhelming to choose between so many vendors for such an important day! I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and personable vendors in the wedding industry, and I love to help my clients out whenever possible in creating a stellar vendor team. I frequently refer my clients to professionals I have worked with who I truly believe will do an amazing job for them by sharing my Favorite Vendors List. I also like to occasionally brag on each of them more in depth.

Today, meet Lillian Fogel! Lillian is a talented makeup artist who always makes her brides feel gorgeous! I love working with Lillian and seeing how her skill and kindness allow our mutual clients to relax and feel more confident!

Here is a little Q & A to help us get to know Lillian a little better. Read her answers below each question:

1. How long have you been in business?
I've been a makeup artist for 17 years. I worked retail for most of my career, but I've been freelancing full-time for nearly 5.

2. What got you interested in starting your business?
I would do one to two weddings a month, and had a hard time juggling my retail work and my freelance jobs. I loved doing weddings so much that I decided to take a chance and leave the retail world to focus on what I love doing most. I'm so glad I did!

3. What do you feel sets you apart from other bridal beauty artists in the wedding industry?
Having a longer career and working for a variety of brands has made me into a more versatile artist! I can do very simple, natural makeup and help a girl who likes a little (or a lot!) feel more comfortable. I also let all of my brides know that any changes they want to make, they don't have to hesitate! They won't hurt my feelings, because I'm there for THEM!

4. What kinds of brides do you work with most often?
Truly, gals from all walks of life, every age, every culture. A lot of my clients find me via word-of-mouth, which is so fun because it means that I often get to see my previous brides again and again at the weddings of her friends!
bride with natural beauty & lace BHLDN dress
bride with natural beauty & lace BHLDN dress
bride with natural beauty & lace BHLDN dress
5. What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry?
It's an honor to be part of a bride's big day! It's so special to me to spend an hour in the close personal space of a bride, on a day when even her closest friends and family members may not be able to get any one-on-one time with her. I also enjoy the camaraderie among my fellow wedding vendors, which makes me happy that I took the leap into the wedding industry!

6. When meeting with brides, what is the biggest tip you find yourself giving them?
That we are here to make her feel beautiful, so she shouldn't hesitate to be honest if she is unsure or doesn't like something! Also, I recommend not following trends too much; no one wants to look back in 20 years time and regret their makeup (hello, blue eyeshadow)!

7. What do you think the biggest difference is between bridal beauty and everyday hair/makeup?
Many people think, "Okay, wedding makeup is being photographed so that means it needs to be darker." Not so! Everything should be more defined, but that doesn't mean it has to be heavier/darker. A bride should look like the best version of herself … and even if that version is more glam, she still wants her family & friends (and fiancé) to recognize her!
laughing bride in tulle
bride in tulle dress
natural bridal makeup and anemone bouquet
8. Any fun-facts that we should really know that would contribute even more to your coolness?
So many! Here's a few:
  • My first car was a 1966 VW Bug, so I love to drive stick! It even came in handy on a lifestyle shoot where I needed to move a '67 Bug for the shot!
  • I studied Spanish & Portuguese in college, and I love learning new languages!
  • I am the mom to 3 pups – Pedro, Henrieta, and Freddie!
Wow, now I feel like an under-achiever with my one language and one dog -- haha!

Make sure you click over to the Lillian Fogel Makeup Artist website to see more of Lillian's beautiful work!

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