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I'm going to be bluntly, ruthlessly honest: wedding photography is expensive! Nearly everyone who plans a wedding for the first time gets sticker shock when they begin to research wedding photographers. And since many engaged couples are closely examining their budgets and trying to get the best value for their money, I can imagine that it must be really tempting to hire the lowest-priced photographer in your area.

Please, please don't do that!

I'm not saying this as a higher-priced wedding photographer (although I admit that I do fit into that category). I'm speaking as someone who cares about weddings and the people having them. I'm speaking as an artist who values photography. But I know that it isn't MY pocketbook at risk, so here are three reasons for YOU to never, ever skimp on wedding photography:

1. Quality
As the quality, consistency, and artistry of a photographer's work increases, their pricing does as well. The phrase "You get what you pay for" typically rings true when it comes to wedding photographers. Remember, just because you see a handful of photos on a photographer's site that you love, that doesn't mean you will see that level of quality throughout a full wedding gallery. Every photographer can probably show you a few stellar images. The difference in a higher priced photographer is that you will likely get many more photos that you will cherish from your wedding day than you will if you opt for a budget-photographer. There is a HUGE RANGE of skill and overall quality between low-end and higher-end photographers.
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2. Coverage
Remember that truism I just mentioned, "You get what you pay for"? It very often applies to the photography coverage offered for your wedding day. For example, I have eight hours of coverage by myself and a second photographer built into my packages. Many photographers choose not to have a second photographer, or cover shorter periods of time. That isn't necessarily a flaw -- if you're having a brief wedding day and don't want coverage of the getting ready time or much of the reception, it can be nice that there are photographers who offer packages to suit. But if you DO want the full story of your day captured, you are in for bitter disappointment if you try to cram everything into four hours of coverage by one photographer. As you decide on your photography package, try to be sure you're not settling for less coverage than you actually want to receive.
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3. The Final Product
I sometimes think that -- aside from the lasting marriage itself -- photography is THE one final product of a wedding. Long after the cake has been eaten, the flowers have died, and the guests have gone home, the photographs will remain to preserve those memories. And the truth is, a great photographer can make all of those details of your wedding look even more stunning in pictures than they were in the moment! But conversely, a less skilled photographer can sometimes make a beautiful wedding look bland and boring. So it's crucial to hire someone who can capture your vision and your special moments in all of their glory!

There are a lot of places in life that you can dig for discounts and buy the generic brand, but I hope that I've convinced you that photography is not one of them! So don't skimp! Hire the best photographer you can with the coverage you're looking for. You won't regret it!

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3 reasons never to skimp on your wedding photography
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