Krishna of Sula Studios
I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and personable vendors in the wedding industry. I love to refer my clients to professionals I have worked with who I truly believe will do an amazing job for them. While I love to share my Favorite Vendors List, I also like to occasionally spotlight each of them more in depth.

Today, meet Krisanna of Sula Studios! Krisanna and her husband Todd are wonderful videographers who use their skill to tell beautiful stories. I love the way videography and photography can complement one another, and I'm always so thrilled when my clients hire a videographer as fantastic as Sula Studios!

I usually like to share images of a vendor's work when I spotlight them on the blog, but it's difficult to convey what Todd & Krisanna do in a still photograph. So here is an example of the wedding videos they create for their clients:

Jennifer & Dean's Trailer // An Arizona Biltmore Wedding from Sula Studios on Vimeo.

Stunning, right?! I love watching the videos that Sula Studios creates! Here is a little Q & A to help us get to know Krisanna a little better. Read her answers below each question:

1. How long have you been in the wedding industry?
About nine years now.

2. What got you interested in being a videographer at weddings?
I was a video producer for a non-profit, so friends asked me to shoot their weddings. Then I met my husband, Todd, and he was already capturing weddings, so it was natural to work with him after we were married, capturing weddings together. It was such a perfect fit!

3. Understandably, if a bride and groom were making a choice between hiring a videographer and having a friend video tape it, you would recommend the videography route. If you could give them only one reason to do so, what would it be?
Audio!!! One of the major differences between photos and video is that on video, you can HEAR the vows, speeches, and moments that are not captured in photo. A professional has the equipment and knowledge to capture that audio well, but that friend with a camera very rarely does.

4. What is your favorite thing about working weddings?
I love capturing love! And to me, there is nothing more beautiful than two people committing their lives to each another.

5. What would you say makes you different than other videographers out there?
We genuinely care. We care about the couples we capture and the stories we share! We believe in authentic storytelling, so we never stage a moment or interrupt the flow of a wedding. Our goal is to anticipate beautiful moments and capture them well. So all our couples need to do is be themselves.

6. What type of clients do you typically find yourself working with?
We often work with brides and grooms that know their story and want to share it with others. They are excited to get married, and are especially looking forward to spending time with friends and family as they commit their lives to each other.

7. What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
If a couple decides to have one, we love their first look! It's so special to capture that private moment between the two of them. Otherwise, the vows during the ceremony are our favorites.

8. Any fun-facts that we should really know that would contribute even more to your coolness?
We love sharing awesome stories! We also work with non-profits & businesses. We are constantly working to perfect our craft so we can offer the best experience to our clients.
Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us today, Krisanna! Make sure you click over to Sula Studios' website to see more of the amazing videos they capture for their clients!

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